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Fear and Loathing
Author: Raine    Date: 08/11/2022 13:00:05

There was once a King who with his queen had a child. An oracle told him that he "is doomed to perish by the hand of his own son."

Well, in response, that ruler ordered his Queen to kill their son. She couldn't and had a servant do so instead. But the servant didn't. Instead, the child was left to die on a scorching mountaintop. A Shepard found the child and saved his life.

When he was a grown man, he traveled searching for his origins. He went to the town he was from, got into a fight with an older man, and threw him off a cliff. Turns out, that man was his father. Also turns out, he met a woman and became a king himself. The couple had 4 children. That woman? That was his mother. Things didn't get any better for the family after the queen found out that her spouse was her son. She Hung herself and the King gouged his eyes out. The kids didn't fare well in their lives either.

Many tragedies would follow this one particular family. They will include a constant theme of paranoia, betrayal, death and fear.

Right now, the inner circle of MAGAworld are living a greek tragedy. They can trust no one. They know they are in legal jeopardy. Every phone call is suspect. Every phone can be potentially taken by authorities. Every knock on a door could be the FBI. They know TFG had his Florida home searched and his supporters don't know why. They can suspect all they want, but those suspicions are based on their own guilty consciences.

I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before we find out someone has flipped. It won't be long before others do as well.

Every one of them defending the former guy is praying to whatever god they believe in that they won't be the next up in the hole. The fear and loathing that they are in is a result of the betrayal, shame, and sorrow they brought to our country and even our personal lives. They did it for power, money, and greed. and now it's coming back to turn on them.

I say, after nearly seven years of having been forced to endure the misery of TFG and his acolytes, GOOD. They make Oedipus look like a victim.


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