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The Long Slog
Author: BobR    Date: 01/25/2023 14:20:39

It's really been a few days. So much stuff happening, I am trouble wrapping my head around everything and focus on just one topic. It's been a fairly nice couple of years, with Dems in charge of both Houses of Congress as well as the Executive branch. That all went to Hell earlier this month when the Republicans formally took control of the House.

We laughed - oh how we laughed - at McCarthy's travails trying to take the seat that Speaker Pelosi so handily won. He finally managed to eke out the required votes by giving away the fine china and getting some Republicans to vote "present". Whether or not he follows through or renegs on those promises he made to secure votes remains to be seen. He already seems to be wavering on the "Flat Tax" proposal.

Nonetheless, with a renewed sense of purpose, and a taste of power, the descent into madness has already begun. They are once again playing Russian Rhoulette with the debt ceiling, acting like George Santos has the right to power until proven guilty by a court of law, and McCarthy is unilaterally stripping Swalwell and Schiff of their committee assignments. He is also trying to push Democrat Ohmar from her spot on the Foreign Relations committee, but is getting some pushback from members of his own party.

Over in the Senate, running man Hawley is introducing a bill to ban lawmakers from trading stocks. While that doesn't seem bad, he's calling it the "Pelosi Act". Klassy... It's also the start of the campaign season for the 2024 Senate race, and it may be a lot tougher for Democrats this time around, especially since there will also be a presidential vote on the ballot.

Outside of the House, Fucker Carlson is once again foaming at the mouth about "woke" M&Ms, and Florida Gov. DeathSantan is attacking teacher's unions, and blocking an African-American AP course. Mass shootings are way up.

It's all so... disheartening.

But! - there are some good things happening too. TFG could be getting the slow arc of justice taking him down - in GA, of all places. Former veep Pence foudn classified docs at his home too, which has overshadowed the Biden-docs stories, and blown up the Republican narrative. TFG also can't get Republican lawmakers to show up to his "rallies".

We are less than one month in, and it already feels like a year. Get ready for a weird time warp, because it's not going to get any better.

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