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I'm Ridin'
Author: BobR    Date: 07/08/2024 13:28:59

We've all seen the clips.... the Orange Hitler manages to go "off script" at every single one of his 15 minute hate rallies. He's prattled on about sharks and boat batteries, Hannibal Lector, and gods know what else. Who can forget "hamberder", "covfefe", and the battle of 1812 where the "rammed the ramparts" and took over the airports.

He called the Charlottesville, VA Nazis "very fine people".

He talked about grabbing women by the pussy.

He's seen in multiple phots with child traffic-er Jeffery Epstein.

He has 34 felony convictions!!

For any other person, the notion of even considering him as a presidential candidate would be laughable.

Meanwhile, over on the Democratic Party side, there is an epidemic of cowardly, pearl-clutching angst that I don't recall ever seeing before. Why? Because of 1 - count it - One bad debate performance. People of all stripes (House reps, senators, state governors, and the media) are talking about replacing him on the ticket. But with whom? And why not Kamala Harris?

All this despite President Biden's spectacular record as president (and TFG's abysmal one).

This is one of the most disgusting responses I've ever seen to a minor slip in my life.

Yes, President Biden is old; yes, he has a stutter and doesn't always orate well; yes, he doesn't have boundless energy. Let's not forget, though, that TFG is only 3 years younger, and much less coherent. There's also Project 2025, and even though tRumpy is trying to distance himself from it, those who created it know he can be easily manipulated by appealing to his insatiable ego.

I may be a yellow dog democrat, but I will be happy to have Uncle Joe in the White House for another term.

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