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Does TriSec want President Trump?
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/21/2016 11:38:29

Well, no actually.

I'm a big enough student of history to see which way we're going with this. I'd like to think that the electorate is smart enough to see through the demagoguery and make the better selection for America's future, but I'm not convinced that will happen.

It's interesting to me, at least, to ponder what kind of a disaster awaits these United States under a Trump presidency. It's a parlor game at this point, but I wonder what a couple of key things might look like with Mr. Trump in the oval office?
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1 comments (Latest Comment: 05/21/2016 14:42:05 by Will in Chicago)

Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 05/20/2016 13:18:48

I have no idea what is going on here but I feel the need to go where stuffed bears wander free.


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20 comments (Latest Comment: 05/20/2016 19:27:57 by Raine)

Can we talk... again?
Author: Raine    Date: 05/19/2016 13:29:56

As many people know, I was a Martin O'Malley supporter. I could go on and on as to the reasons why but I am not in the mood to rehash what might have been.

He dropped out of the race before my state's primary. I weighed all of my options for how I was going to vote, and that included crossing the aisle to vote for Marco Rubio to try to prevent Trump from winning in Virginia.
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16 comments (Latest Comment: 05/19/2016 20:54:09 by Raine)

The Ugliness Continues
Author: BobR    Date: 05/18/2016 13:04:11

With the 2016 campaign season still in Primary mode (at least for the Democrats), the stink factor is growing onerous and odorous the closer we get to June. None of the 3 remaining major candidates are clean, which would normally suppress voter turnout. That is unlikely to be the case this time around. Let's take a look at the mess, shall we?
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16 comments (Latest Comment: 05/18/2016 18:00:58 by Will in Chicago)

Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/17/2016 01:54:31

Good Morning.

I've been in the healthcare industry since 1984; I was still in college when I got my first job in the business, doing old-fashioned data entry on a night shift after class.

I've seen many changes to the industry. I've been with companies that don't exist anymore, and worked to merge a few. I was present when the EDI industry was pretty much invented back in '96 by a little bill co-sponsored by the late Senator Kennedy met with approval by a far more functional Congress.
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Author: Raine    Date: 05/16/2016 13:21:53

Remember back in 2008, when a young, energized senator from Illinois was running for the Office of the President of the United States?

Remember they called him too inexperienced and naive? Then they called him arrogant and uppity?
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14 comments (Latest Comment: 05/16/2016 21:50:25 by Will in Chicago)

You kids get off my lawn!
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/14/2016 12:38:48


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1 comments (Latest Comment: 05/14/2016 19:56:58 by BobR)

Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 05/13/2016 12:47:31

Happy Friday the 13th.


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11 comments (Latest Comment: 05/14/2016 00:36:44 by BobR)

Can we talk?
Author: Raine    Date: 05/12/2016 13:04:23

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17 comments (Latest Comment: 05/12/2016 16:39:46 by Raine)

Coming to Grips with Reality
Author: BobR    Date: 05/11/2016 13:52:10

There was a primary in West Virginia yesterday. T-Rump - running essentially unopposed - won the state. Sanders also beat out Clinton to reduce his 300 pledged delegate deficit by 4. So - nothing earth-shattering there, although Sanders supporters are euphoric, I am sure.

On Planet T-Rump, though, things continue to be weird. Party leaders and shakers continue to slog through the various stages of grief as the realization that they've got an orange lump of radioactive waste poisoning their chances of any sort of wins at the polls - including the down-ticket races. As such, they are trying to determine how to minimize the damage.
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22 comments (Latest Comment: 05/11/2016 20:07:34 by Mondobubba)

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