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Have a Guinness please
Author: Raine    Date: 03/17/2008 12:39:58

Top of the Morning everyone. 'Tis St Patricks Day!

We maight be dying the blog green today, but until we get the logistics worked out, please sit back and pour y'rself a nice morning toddy, and break out yer derbies.

And please, if ya know what good f'r ya, instead of just wear'n a bit O' the Green today, try to be a little more green period! I'll be back shortly, in the mean time, Slainte!


and on with the show!......

Looking for Osama and they found Spitzer. How convenient.
Uninteneed Consquences; From Newsweek:
The Patriot Act gave the FBI new powers to snoop on suspected terrorists. In the fine print were provisions that gave the Treasury Department authority to demand more information from banks about their customers' financial transactions. Congress wanted to help the Feds identify terrorist money launderers. But Treasury went further. [...]

Another element of the formulas: whether an account holder was a "politically exposed person." At first focused on potentially crooked foreign officials, the PEP lists expanded to include many U.S. politicians and public officials who were conceivably vulnerable to corruption.

I wonder how many of these politicians are republican and how many are democrat. We already have discovered that our Department of Justice is tainted. That another Democratic Governor is in jail.... How many other cases do we have like this?

The very idea that we are considering our own people, politicians as PEP's because the Government says so because of the patriot act, is something that seems to be wrought with Corruption. The law was written for one thing, and now it is being used as a dragnet for anything the feds think is suspicious, including politicians.

Remember when cases needed to be built upon evidence and investigation? Well thanks to this administration and those that passed the patriot act, it is no more. Innocent until proven guilty no longer matters. Eliot Spitzer got caught while we were supposed to be finding Osama Bin Laden.

And... if you think for one minute the president is telling you the truth that the NSA only spies on foreigners, and only to get the terra-ists™I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Those wiretaps will eventually, if they have not already been so, used to dragnet regular Americans. We are no longer innocent until proven guilty. Eliot Spitzer now knows all too well.

Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. It is time we Americans drove our own snakes out of Washington.
:peace: and
Raine O' Martinio ;)

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