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We paid a price...
Author: Raine    Date: 05/01/2008 12:14:47

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of "Mission Accomplished". On this day, pResident *ush announced, "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended," Bush said at the time. "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed." [source]

As you know, every Tuesday we have a blog here called Ask a Vet, and the numbers tell us what a lie this was. Yesterday, the White house said they paid a price for that fateful day. 'What?' you say? They admitted a mistake? Why YES!
They Paid the Price...
After shifting explanations, the White House eventually said the "Mission Accomplished" phrase referred to the carrier's crew completing its 10-month mission, not the military completing its mission in Iraq. Bush, in October 2003, disavowed any connection with the "Mission Accomplished" message. He said the White House had nothing to do with the banner; a spokesman later said the ship's crew asked for the sign and the White House staff had it made by a private vendor.

"President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific and said `mission accomplished' for these sailors who are on this ship on their mission," White House press secretary Dana Perino said Wednesday. "And we have certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner. And I recognize that the media is going to play this up again tomorrow, as they do every single year."

She said what is important now is "how the president would describe the fight today. It's been a very tough month in Iraq, but we are taking the fight to the enemy."

At least 49 U.S. troops died in Iraq in April, making it the deadliest month since September when 65 U.S. troops died.
The media SHOULD play this up. They should have played it up years ago. Problem was, the media was too busy cheerleading for this illegal war.

If, according to Dana Perino, how we describe the fight today is so important, then what have all those descriptions we have had over the past 5 years been?

Where those soldiers who died for a mistake any more or less important? First, we had to get al Qaeda, during a time when bush was conflating 911™ and Iraq, then it was for WMD's and so we had to kill Saddaam Hussein, then it was insurgents, then it was for stability, a few times it was actually stated that it was for the oil, then the insurgency became al Qaeda in Iraq, or something like that.... the reason(s) for this have changed so many times I cannot even begin to keep track, nor do I really wish to. However, ALWAYS, we are told that victory must be achieved.

And yet we never get that definition. Instead, we get an endless list of how the president would DESCRIBE this war. Each time more troops and innocent civilians die. There have been hundreds of excuses for so many things that this administration has done, but this one takes the cake. What matters is how the pResident describes the war.

They told this lie before. From Oct. 23, 2003, the pResident said in a press briefing
The "Mission Accomplished" sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln, saying that their mission was accomplished.
So, the only price to pay that is coming from the White house is the fact that they got caught. And still to this day the WH is saying it was the troops fault, even tho the White House paid to have this banner made.

This all may be trivial to you, and I can understand why. However... in this time of life and death for so many people, we need leaders who tell us the truth, who don't point fingers and who take responsibility. We need a media that doesn't cheerlead like a bunch of spectators at a WWE match. We need a media who cares more about our soldiers than a reverend. We need accountability.

Yes a price was paid for Mission accomplished, but I don't think that George W Bush has a clue to what kind of price was paid. HE has never attended one funeral of a fallen soldier. Not one...

America paid a price. The rPresident simply got embarrassed. That isn't a price. That is a minor inconvenience.

Every Tuesday here on our blog is where you can see the REAL price that is paid for Mission Accomplished. It isn't about how we describe the fight, it is about how many people are dying for this needless war.

:peace: and :heart:

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