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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 06/06/2014 12:51:12

In 1972, when I was just 5, Kenner came out with the greatest doll - The Blythe Doll. She, however, was so different from the traditional baby dolls or fashion doll (i.e.Barbie) that there was very little interest in this unique creation.


This is the Australian ad but you get that she was hip, cool, funky, so misunderstood for her time and why she was only produced for 1 year.

I wanted this doll. Sadly having a parent who has no love for the geeky and out of the normal what I got was a Barbie. Sure Barbie was fun, she had pretty clothes, nice house, a car, a camper and many careers even back in the '70's. That is until I chewed off her feet (yes I'm admitting this freely, I also chewed on pencils - not sure why) and none of her shoes stayed on, well the boots did but that was it. Anyway.

Blythe is my toy that got away. I've seen that they are making new ones but I've yet to find one. She is still elusive.

So I"m going to throw us into the toy ditch - what toy did you want but never lay your hands on?

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