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Putting out the Fire with Gasoline
Author: BobR    Date: 2014-09-03 10:30:37

Last week, I wrote a blog indicating how blowback has been a big factor in the mushrooming problems in the Middle East. When President Dubya cut loose all those trained professional Sunni army soldiers in Iraq, it was only a matter of time before it bit us in the ass. Add to that providing financial and military hardware aid to insurgents in Syria, and we created a perfect storm for ISIS to evolve from the mess like some monster surging forth from a toxic waste dump in a bad science fiction movie. Except in this case - the monster is real.

While it's generally agreed upon that we created this monster, what's even more chilling is how much they've imitated our methods. They are water-boarding (western) prisoners, and dressing them in orange jumpsuits - just like Gitmo. Of course, we didn't cut their heads off, record it, and send the video out to the world. No, In our case, they were posed in nude pyramids, photographed, and then ended up "accidentally" dying while being interrogated. Once again - our actions come back to haunt us (blowback). It doesn't matter to the leaders of ISIS if that was all just "bad apples" on our part any more than it matters to us that most of the Islamic world is horrified at the dark ages being unleashed in the land were civilization began by a few extremists.

Naturally, the warmongers in DC (like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) & John McCain (R-AZ)) think the we need to do "something" rather vague in description, but definitely military-based, and generally not legal without permission from Syria. Of course - as previously mentioned, we were helping these same folks when they were fighting the Syrian regime, but now that they've killed a couple of western journalists, it's time to turn them all into a grease stain in the sand.


It's all more of the same. The enemy of our enemy is our friend, until we realize they are no better (and sometimes worse) than the original enemy. Keep bombing and pumping up "freedom fighters" until they start living their lives they way they've wanted - according to antiquated religious notions that required murdering anyone who disagrees with them.

Any member of the press that goes into that hell hole is as brave as any soldier if you ask me - perhaps braver (or dumber). They certainly know the risks. To further endanger lives here in the U.S. via a knee-jerk reaction to the grisly murder of 2 Americans who put themselves into harms way is stupid. How many American tourists get murdered overseas? Where is the bombing campaign for them? If that doesn't make sense, than neither does pouring gasoline on the fire that's been burning there for hundreds of years.

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