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So, This Christmas?
Author: Mondobubba    Date: 12/25/2007 15:02:46

I've been thinking about what Christmas means the past few hours. Brother Mondo has become so stressed about the whole unpleasantness that brought him to my house that he was having chest pain last Friday. He's okay, but he has been in the hospital under observation and having tests run. We were planning a gift exchange etc this morning, but alas that is not meant to be. So, you are wondering what my musings and ruminations on Christmas are? Simple answer, Christmas is not about the gifts, it is about the relationships with others we have. Those bonds of family & friendship, of love and kindness. Will I have a good Christmas? Not in the traditional sense no. I've gotten a great gift this year. I've gotten to know my brother as a fully formed adult. This has been one of the best gifts I've gotten in long, long time. So instead of material things I will visit with Brother Mondo for a bit, go to my gym, return to the house and fix my dinner. All the while I will be thinking of this great gift I've been given, about all my friends here and in the analog world. I will be thinking about how much love I've got for Brother Mondo and all of my other dear wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas everybody!

6 comments (Latest Comment: 12/26/2007 03:38:55 by MMB)
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Comment by starling310 on 12/25/2007 16:05:05
Happy Christmas Blog.

Mondo. Well said. You made me well up my friend.

Hugs all around.

Comment by livingonli on 12/25/2007 16:12:00
Oh, Mondo. You just have had too much shit thrown at you these last few years. I do hope there is a turn-around thrown at you. I have been through my rought spots the last few yeats but not as bad as that.

Healing vibes for brother Mondo. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Comment by BobR on 12/25/2007 16:15:58
This Christmas, we are more broke then we've ever been... Yet somehow, it feels like the Best Christmas Ever. Friends, family, and love are the reason for the season, as far as I'm concerned...

:hug: Hugs for everyone! :hug:

Comment by MMB on 12/25/2007 20:32:36
Hope BM is ok. You did forget one thing about "Christmas" it is also a time to look into your own soul and know who you really are way deep down. And kindness is not a word that many people think of when they really know themselves. But as someone once told me you have to admit your problems in life whatever they may be. Most people really go around thinking they are such good people in reality there not. There are so many that have dirty little secrets and they still try to convince everyone and even their own self that they are GOOD!! What a truly refreshing change if the people always pointing out others vices would admit to their own. But when a person has worked hard to appear to be one thing they are to much of a coward to admit even to themselves then that would really be a great Xmas gift. And as we all know loyalty,love bonds, etc are only as true as the person that is proclaiming them wants everyone to think. It has been a great year I learned that when a person tells you that they are good,trustworthy,TRUTHFUL, and faithful they are most likely to be the exact oppoisite. People live in their little worlds and play make believe while in their own dark, dishonest,perverted world they hope that they can keep the dirty secrets they have been keeping. But sometimes you get lucky and start to find out what those secrets that they have been trying to keep really are about and when all those foul little secrets are proven then you can really say you know about LIFE,LOVE and kindness. Because in several ways this can be said what a difference about 12 hours and different ears make in how a person exposes their feelings. And let us not forget Ye who laughs first will never laugh last. And you can pretend things in your life never exsisted but deep down you know it did. And when you throw kindness away it will always come back in the form of unkindness. So Have yourself a merry little xmas and a happy new year because what goes around comes right back. I really think this year will be another one for memories and lots of hidden truths will be exposed. Kinda like when the fairy godmother cleaned up Cinderella. And all the other great tales when you open up to someone then betray them then you will know about LIFE!!

Comment by BobR on 12/26/2007 02:39:36
gee MMB, thanks for that ... um.. "cheery" Christmas story... :huh:

Comment by MMB on 12/26/2007 03:38:55
So Sorry I am tired of people hiding behind kindness. I know there are some nice kind people in this world. I am sorry for letting my thoughts get the best of me. Because the truth is I am better than that.