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Nobody comes here anymore.
Author: TriSec    Date: 11/01/2014 13:12:05

Yep, it's another quiet Saturday around these parts.

We've just had a bizarrely quiet Halloween here - normally there's hundreds of kids knocking on doors for hours; we had a diminished stream this year and quite a lot of 'down-time'.

In the 17 years we've been here, I normally shut out the light and close up when we run out of candy...this year, I still have at least 3 pounds of the stuff sitting here. (Hey, at least it's good Hershey's miniatures - they won't go to waste.)

But I wonder if this had anything to do with it?

By Eli Sherman and Paul Crocetti
[email protected]
Posted Mar. 20, 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Updated Mar 21, 2014 at 11:31 PM

A Waltham High School student was shot and killed Thursday night at the Gardencrest Apartments complex on Middlesex Circle.

Tyler Zanco, 17, of Waltham, was found at about 10 p.m. suffering from a gunshot wound in the parking lot at 31 Middlesex Circle, according to the Middlesex District Attorney's Office. He was taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No arrests have been made but authorities do not believe this was a random attack. Anyone with any information is urged to call Waltham Police at 781-314-3607 or Massachusetts State Police Detectives at 781-897-6600.

An eyewitness to the fatal shooting said he saw Zanco fighting with one man when a third man pulled out a gun and shot him.

The witness, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was watching television in his Gardencrest apartment at Middlesex Circle when he heard banging from the complex’s shared outside door. He then heard the sounds of screaming and fighting coming from outside.

Oh, the shooter was arrested months ago; he was arraigned and is now awaiting trial. The police have increased patrols in our neighborhood, and we've had some city meetings with the local politicos and the landlord.

But once innocence is lost, I guess it's gone for good. Only time will tell.

2 comments (Latest Comment: 11/01/2014 17:07:50 by Will in Chicago)
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Comment by BobR on 11/01/2014 15:41:48
It could be a generational thing. All the kids that used to come around are now older and no longer trick or treating, and perhaps there aren't as many younger kids to replace them.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 11/01/2014 17:07:50
TriSec, I only had 3 teenagers last night.

I think that innocence has been lost. Many churches and park districts now have Halloween parties.

For those reading the blog who honor the Celtic New Year and the holiday of Samhain, be blessed and may this indeed be a good year. (Can I be forgiven for wishing that voters get out Tuesday and that the GOP does not take the Senate and has a rougher time than many hope?)