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Are you disrespecting me?
Author: TriSec    Date: 09/17/2016 11:55:50

Good Morning.

It's another weekend of football, so that probably means we're in line for another weekend of political histrionics, too.

But it is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.


It might be eye-catching and visceral, but I don't think this gesture means what you think it does.

Kneeling is a basic human position where one or both knees touch the ground. It is used as a resting position, during childbirth and as an expression of reverence and submission. It is possible to kneel with one leg and assume another position (such as squatting) with the other leg. Crouching may involve kneeling, squatting or a combination of the two. [bold mine]

We all know why he does it - the original statement was because blacks were oppressed in the US and he didn't want to show respect to the symbols of that authority. Unfortunately, he picked probably the one thing you could do to show MORE subservience, not less.

Of course you know there is no law preventing him from doing so. The US Flag Code, as has been cited repeatedly on the Book of Face, is only a guide with no legal backing. Supporters have been referencing the first amendment, but they're wrong, too. The NFL is not the Federal Government, and as a private entity they have no legal obligation to preserve, protect, or defend the constitution of the United States. Mr. Kaepernick has no constitutional protections from his employer while he is at work - the NFL is well within their rights to issue any punishment they choose without fear of any (legal) repercussions.

So is there an answer? Probably not. But as I asked in a different blog two weeks ago, we should probably think about why one player kneeling when he does is not OK, but things like this are?


1 comments (Latest Comment: 09/17/2016 15:18:11 by Will in Chicago)
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Comment by Will in Chicago on 09/17/2016 15:18:11
Mr. Kaepernick does have a right to express his political opinions. One can criticize the actions of a government or actions in a society out of patriotism. America has yet to fully live up to its promise or potential.

I would like those who say that Kaepernick has no right to protest to see the lives of their fellow Americans in the poorer, more crime ridden parts of America. There is little hope in much of the South and West Sides of Chicago, in Gary, Indiana or many other communities. We are indeed two Americas.