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Must be spring someplace.
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/27/2017 12:28:42

Good Morning.

So, it's Memorial Day weekend, or the unofficial start of Summer. Too bad we never got a spring around these parts.

It was my feeling that since March 20, we've had no more than 5 days above fifty degrees around here, and certainly no more than 7, but checking the weather, it turns out my impressions are far off.

March around Boston normally averages 45 degrees; we were below that for the month at 41. We had an outlier day of 63 degrees.

April should see a warming trend, as we get school vacation, Patriot's Day, Marathon Monday, and of course Opening Day! Boston should average 56 degrees, and we suddenly bumped up to 59 for the month, with four days above 80, including a high of 86.

But then there's May - the trend has reversed. Reading the data, it appears we're averaging an incredible 42 degrees for the month, where it should be 66. We did have a bona-fide heat wave, three consecutive days over 90, but the rest of the weather has sucked ass.

Here we are on May 27, and I'm finally putting my garden in, some 3 weeks later than usual. I swear, a few days back around Mother's Day when I normally plant, I saw friggin' snowflakes in South Boston.

But of course, this all comes around to our differently-winged friends. We've been around in circles for what seems like decades now about this. I can tell you first-hand that my personal growing season now seems to be slipping every year, which in turn means it's shorter and my yields are going to be smaller.

Remember, I grow a couple of tomato plants on a typical urban postage-stamp garden. Just try to imagine extrapolating those minor changes onto industrial farming and the food supply. I remember not that long ago the talk of reaching a global climate "tipping point". It's always possible that it's already been reached.(really, how would we know?)

It's 2017. Javi is turning 16 this summer. When he's my age, it will be August 2051, just 34 years hence. I can only imagine what our little blue marble might look like then.


5 comments (Latest Comment: 05/27/2017 23:24:08 by livingonli)
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Comment by BobR on 05/27/2017 14:03:21
I suspect instead of green and blue, our marble will be brown and blue

Comment by trojanrabbit on 05/27/2017 14:24:38
Went across the street to the local Ace Hardware and bought an umbrella for the balcony. Even has LEDs and a solar cell, will be interesting to see how bright it is at night.

So today is the first day I've sat outside. Even if it's only 60 at this point the sun would be too strong to sit here for more than a few minutes. Otherwise I'd have to wait until midafternoon for the sun to go on the other side of the building.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 05/27/2017 14:27:05
It has been warm and cool here in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. We have gotten a great deal of rain, but some days have been in the 50s and others in the 70s and 80s.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 05/27/2017 14:34:37
Welcome to Earth 2.0, new and disimproved. Brought to you by greed, willful ignorance, apathy and chutzpah.

Comment by livingonli on 05/27/2017 23:24:08
We had a cooler than normal May, but not that cool. Other than the heat wave last week, it's been slow for me to switch to the short sleeves. I do hope for some nice summer weather, even if I'm still doing job hunting.