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The Interview!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 08/06/2017 16:54:32

Whew! It's been an exhausting 198 days, 0 hours, 7 minutes, 21 seconds, since our president was elected to run the country and make us great again. Time for a well deserved vacation. Your own Velveeta was able to speak to President Trump just after he arrived in New Jersey while waiting for his KFC to be delivered before he hits the links. That's golf lingo.

VJ: It's such an honor to meet you, I mean, you're the president!

DJT: Yes, did you see the maps on election night, the democrats were crying. The map, you know how it works, the red is republican and blue is democrat and the red, right, it was all over the map. Hillary was crying.

VJ: Yes I remember that night well and I wanted to ask...

DJT: Well you could barely make out the blue. And the East Coast is like, and they said I'd never get to 270 and I won bigger than anyone has ever has in history. But I did it. And the Russians didn't help. No Russians. All a lie.

VJ: Interesting that you mention Russia.....

DJT: The Russians story is just the democrats whining about their loss and we need to focus on Hillary's 33,000 missing emails. But I'm on vacation and I don't want to talk about that right now. Except to say, have you ever noticed that the camera's don't like to show the crowds that I draw? Like the other day in West Virginia, and you know the Governor, Governor Justice, that's a great name isn't it? "Justice" I mean how do you get a name like that and you know he recently switched his party from Democrat to Republican, right?

VJ: I do know that he switched and it's very exciting! Now I want to ask you how you feel about....

DJT: And he's doing a fantastic job, West Virginia is a coal state, not many people know that, but it is and he's fully supporting the coal industry where we're going to have 1000's and 1000's of new jobs, and growth, maybe millions. We'll see.

VJ: Speaking of coal.....

DJT: I won West Virginia. And we're going to be exporting that coal and making lots of money from it.

VJ: Yester....

DJT: In other words, we'll be selling our energy instead of buying it from everybody all over the globe. So that's good. We will be energy dominant. And I'll tell you what, the folks in West Virginia who were so nice to me, boy, have we kept our promise. We are going on and on. So we love West Virginia.

VJ: Oh, you're food is here...

DJT: Do you remember that famous night on television, November 8th, where they said, these dishonest people, the fake media, where they said, there is no path to victory for Donald Trump. They're going crazy trying to figure it out, but I told them, far too late; it's far too late. But you remember that incredible night? With the maps showing the red and little bit of blue and that map was so red it was unbelievable. And they didn't know what to say.

VJ: Oh I remember. Can you tell me....

DJT: And you know, we have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College. Popular vote is much easier, most people don't know this. We won early in the night.
We won and won. So when they said, there is no way to victory; there is no way to 270. You know I went to Maine four times because it's one vote, and we won. We won. One vote. I went there because I kept hearing we're at 269. But then Wisconsin came in. Many, many years of losing that state. Michigan came in.

VJ: .....

DJT: We worked hard Hillary didn't work very hard. That's why we're so successful.

VJ: .......

DJT: And now the stock market is the best, every day it's and the jobs market is the best it's been in 16 years, probably more. Did you see the crowds we got when we went to Wisconsin? Wisconsin hasn't been won by a Republican in many many years but we had tremendous crowds. The camera's won't turn and show you the crowd sizes. They'll just say, "Trump had a rally" but the lying media won't say that there were 1000's who couldn't even get in.

VJ: Well, to be fair, the media really has to .....

DJT: They would say "he's not going to win Wisconsin" or Michigan! They said she'd win Michigan and I won Michigan because the car industry was going to go to Mexico. But the polls are also fake news. Right, I mean jobs are coming back to Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, all over because we're making America great again.

VJ: The media is....

DJT: FAKE. I know. By the way, did you see the large crowd I drew for the boy scouts? They aren't even old enough to vote for me but it was the largest boy scout jamboree in their history, Obama didn't even go to one, and I had the largest crowd, but the fake news won't tell you that. The boy scout president said my speech was the greatest one ever. And did you hear me say how we'll be saying "Merry Christmas again? Believe me, when you go shopping this year, we'll be saying Merry --- and the boy scouts know about loyalty. They do. We need some more loyalty in Washington, so many leaks. But they're not even old enough to vote and they came out in mass to hear me. What a crowd!

(One of the president's private security men enters and whispers in his ear)

DJT: I have to go, my I have a very important meeting. (laughs) No, really, I'm on vacation, well working vacation and I have the whole course to myself and a few close friends. You're welcome to finish what's left of this delicious chicken if you'd like. And it was a pleasure to meet you, I know you won't print any fake or lying news!

(He leaves)

I tell you, this is a HUGE break for our little blog. To have an actual conversation with our President who is indeed Making America Great Again. I found him to be quite engaging, smart, eloquent and despite what the MSM will say about him, not one time did he make mention of my looks nor make inappropriate gestures. Not once! And I dressed up to be sure.

On the way out the door I was told by a person who didn't identify themselves to make sure that I wrote that President Trump mentioned "God" at least a couple of times in the interview. That seems fair since he's so busy and I'm sure it was just an oversight.

DJT: And may God bless you and bless the United States of America. (I'm counting the Merry Christmas comments as related since he's speaking about Jesus' birth).

There. I'm sure he meant to say it, but he sure wanted to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise playing golf.



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Comment by AuntAzalea on 08/06/2017 17:45:30
Fantastic BY!