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World Series Game Three
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/27/2007 22:57:47

Good Evening!

Everyone ready for another fun-filled evening of baseball and blogging?

If memory serves, this is the first time in their history the Red Sox have visited Coors Field. Their counterparts to the south have never had much luck in the other stadium out there, so we'll see.

The big difference tonight is going to be the atmosphere. No, I don't mean Rockies Nation, or whatever they call themselves out there. Friendly Fenway Park sits on the shore of the Charles River Basin in this city...right at sea level. Coors Field is at 5,280 feet, and the thinner air in Denver is already known to wreak havoc on this game of inches.
At 5,280 feet above sea level, fastballs will possess more zip but less lift as they streak toward home plate.

Curveballs, meanwhile, will fly less curvaceously, while sliders will lose snap - tending to fly straighter than pitchers would wish.

Baseball is about physics as much as physical coordination and conditioning. And the atmospheric physics of mile-high Denver are markedly different from those of Boston-by-the-Sea.

"There will be a definite effect" on World Series games played in Denver, said Alan M. Nathan, a physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Maine native, and ardent citizen of Red Sox Nation. "It probably won't be a decisive effect, but it will be a real factor."

It's well known that Colorado's thinner air makes for longer hits, although scientists disagree over how much farther a ball walloped in Coors Field will travel than would the same slam at Fenway Park. Baseballs used at the Rockies' home field are these days stored in humidors to prevent drying that would make them even more defiant of gravity, but oft-cited calculations claim the gain remains on the order of 10 percent - meaning a ball slugged 400 feet at Fenway would travel 440 feet in Denver.


Nathan believes a 5 percent gain is more accurate. "That's a lot, but not as much as they like to say out there," he said.

Let's hope the boys don't end up sucking wind, hmm?

TIME: 08:00 P.M. EST
VENUE: Coors Field

Probable Pitchers:

Boston: Daisuke Matsuzaka

15-12, 4.40

Colorado: Josh Fogg

10-9, 4.94

And as much as it hurts me to post this, you have to do the clicky!



11 comments (Latest Comment: 10/28/2007 15:41:36 by BobR)
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Comment by MMB on 10/27/2007 23:23:20
Auctually I checked in this morning at 7:30 am but no blog yet. Great night better day. The almost all freshmen Ga. Bull DAWGS sent the Fl. Gators back to Gainesville with a chunk missing from the Gator tails. Happy Days Are Hear AGAIN and even happier nights. Hope everyone has a great night!!!!!!

Comment by TriSec on 10/28/2007 00:50:26


Comment by livingonli on 10/28/2007 01:47:25
Mondo was posting in the Libertarian Saturday blog. So I have to move this back up.

I guess the ATL delegation will be MIA tonight since they have company.

Comment by livingonli on 10/28/2007 01:49:16
All 3 NY area hockey teams lost at home tonight. Rangers lost to the Leafs and the Devils lost to the Sens and this was the first game in the Devils new arena in Newark tonight.

Comment by Mondobubba on 10/28/2007 02:08:12
Well damn Tri, do you have your broom ready?


Comment by Mondobubba on 10/28/2007 02:10:11
Dumbest thing said by the Fox commentating team. They keep the balls in Denver in a humidor because of the altitude. No, retard, they keep them in a humidor to keep them moist! Watch the Mythbusters will ya?

Comment by livingonli on 10/28/2007 02:16:02
Strangely enought, the anchor on the Fox-owned My9 actually made a snarky comment on Dick Cheney's hunting trip in the Hudson Valley.

Comment by livingonli on 10/28/2007 03:56:23
Colorado is trying to catch up.

Comment by livingonli on 10/28/2007 05:01:58
They couldn't do it though.

Comment by MMB on 10/28/2007 05:50:06
Isnt life really strange? It amazes me how people change the facts about their life so that it makes it seem that if you think it was a certain way that's how it was in your own mind. All I have to say is life is not what we say it was but how we really lived it. I guess ones imagination is a great thing to have around if you don't have anything left.I am so amazed by this that all I'll say is thank goodness for my freedom and that is not in my imagination.

Comment by BobR on 10/28/2007 15:41:36
New sunday sports blog up!