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Unblocked and Partially Refloated!
Author: Raine    Date: 03/29/2021 13:01:46

It's Monday and it looks like the container shit is about 80% unblocked and is partially refloated. Just like the one in the Suez Canal, it's costing the world billions of trade dollars. This one however is far more despicable.

“Y’know, I just got, I turned off the news, I get all these flash reports, and they’re telling me about the border, they’re telling me about China, they’re telling me about Iran—how’re we doing with Iran, howdya like that? Boy, they were ready to make a deal, they woulda done anything, they woulda done anything, and this guy goes and drops the sanctions and then he says, ‘We’d love to negotiate now,’ [and Iran says], ‘We’re not dealing with the United States at all,’ oh, well, they don’t want to deal with us,” a tuxedoed Trump said. “And China, the same thing, they never treated us that way, right? You saw what happened a few days ago, was terrible, and uh, the border is not good, the border is the worst anybody’s ever seen it, and what you see now, multiply it times 10, Jim—he’s the only one I know who would handle the border tougher than me. We have to, and the tough is... in the most humanitarian way, because that’s what it is. What’s happening to the kids, they’re living in squalor, they are living like nobody has ever seen anybody, there’s never been anything like what’s, and you’re gonna have hundreds, and you have it now, they have the airplane photos, the shocks, and they call ’em shocks, and these things are showing thousands and thousands of people coming up from South America and it’s gonna be, it’s just uh, look, it’s a disaster. It’s a humanitarian disaster from their standpoint, and it’s gonna destroy the country, and frankly, the country can’t afford it because you’re talking about massive, just incredibly massive amounts. Our school systems, our hospital systems, everything.”

That's right, TFG is now ranting his grievances as a wedding crasher. Who knew performance garbage was a part of the wedding package at Mar-a-Lago? You know it also has a canal.

How sadly pathetic and infuriating.

I'm so glad we have a President Again.






8 comments (Latest Comment: 03/29/2021 16:44:09 by Will in Chicago)
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Comment by BobR on 03/29/2021 13:22:56
The turd in the punchbowl... at a wedding

Comment by wickedpam on 03/29/2021 13:26:02

I'm so late to this cargo ship story, how did it get stuck in the first place.

I'm choosing to ignore that TFG gums were flapping.

Comment by TriSec on 03/29/2021 13:54:49
Greetings, comrades!

Probably behind a paywall, so I'll cherry-pick some things. The more I read about how devastated the tourism and travel industry is, the less I regret leaving the business last fall.

Boston hotels, among hardest hit in the country, could take years to recover

The lodging market in Boston and Cambridge was steamrolled by the pandemic, with the area’s occupancy rate plunging to less than 26 percent last year, driving revenue per available room — the performance measure used in the hospitality industry — down more than 80 percent, according to the hotel consultancy Pinnacle Advisory Group. The region fared only slightly better than New York, which had the biggest drop in the country.

An estimated 8,000 hotel employees are still out of work around Boston, and some jobs may not return for years, if ever.

International travelers, which made up 18 percent of visitor spending in Boston in 2019, fell by 78 percent last year; the biggest spenders among them, visitors from China, vanished when the airport’s three nonstop flights to Hong Kong and the rest of China were halted. Those flights have yet to resume, along with 15 other international routes including Rome, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Munich, Zurich, and Madrid.

“The devastation in Boston was significantly more severe than it was in the rest of the country,” said Adam Kamins, a director of economic research at Moody’s Analytics.

More than a dozen properties in Boston and Cambridge remain closed, including the 1,200-room Sheraton Boston Hotel, the biggest property in the city, located next to the largely dormant Hynes Convention Center. And those that are open are getting a fraction of the business they usually do.

And remember, this is only the hotel industry. All of the other ancillaries - restaurants, souvenir shops, museums, historic attractions, and yes, guided tours, are all equally devastated. When I left OTT/Boston, we had almost 50 drivers. They were all laid off during the shutdown last year, and only about 25 are expected to be recalled this season. Hotel liasons, charter reservations, and cruise coordinators were all permanently let go.

Comment by Scoopster on 03/29/2021 14:46:46
Mornin' all..

First shot done! Speaking of courteous, everyone working at the Dunk and I MEAN EVERYONE was nothing but courteous and professional, and more than half were downright cheerful.

Since my work deals with the hospitality industry, I've already had to deal with watching all our clients struggle through the past year. The thing is most of our clients aren't Boston-area hotels - they don't advertise with us for various reasons (budget, their own websites and the major booking engines like Expedia beat us in Google rank, and they use ad agencies which don't bother with us). But I will say this much - our business specifically with Boston-area lodgings is up over the past three months, probably because they need to advertise as much as possible right now.

Comment by Scoopster on 03/29/2021 15:09:23

Comment by BobR on 03/29/2021 15:14:53
Quote by Scoopster:

This needs sharks

Comment by livingonli on 03/29/2021 15:45:33
Quote by BobR:
Quote by Scoopster:

This needs sharks

With laser beams attached to their heads.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 03/29/2021 16:44:09
Hello, bloggers!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well. Sorry that I have been so silent but we just wrapped up third quarter and I am on spring break. (Naturally, I have a ton of house work.)

In good news, I had the Johnson and Johnson vaccination last week. Also, I have a lead on a new good teaching jobs. (My district is seeing a lot of good people leave and the year has been awful.)