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Life comes at you fast.
Author: Raine    Date: 06/03/2021 12:55:48

It's been a bit of a busy time here. Last week I made an unexpected trip to NY to attend a funeral for my friend's younger brother. Today we are heading back to NY to help my sister with somewhat with was is now known as eldercare. I didn't expect to be so busy so soon after getting fully vaccinated and then seeing much of the nation open up.

We'll as cautious as we have been and will mask up as our comfort level indicates, but yeah, life and all its chaos, is happening fast.

My sister is a part of what is now called the 'Sandwich Generation. My mother lives with her and she is raining a 12-year-old son with her husband. She's been working from home during this pandemic and it's really been rough on her. My mother's medical needs have increased a lot in this year of the pandemic. This included a stint in the hospital followed by months of rehabilitation in an adult home.

She's home now and that means extra care is needed. She really can't be left alone in the house, at least for now. It makes it hard for my sister to spend time alone with her husband and my nephew on weekends.

So I made a promise to my sister that at least once a quarter, we would head up and give them a respite weekend. It's the least I can do since she has, through no fault of her own, been put in the position of shouldering this responsibility.

One day I hope we have a health care system that truly supports children of parents who need elder care. That support should not only include expanded mental and physical health care but also reduce the financial burden to middle-class families.

We are hitting the road in a little bit, wish us luck!


8 comments (Latest Comment: 06/03/2021 22:34:54 by TriSec)
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Comment by wickedpam on 06/03/2021 13:15:09

Safe travels And I'm right there with you about elder care.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 06/03/2021 13:16:09
Raine and BobR, a safe and happy trip.

I am working on household projects that I put on hold.

Also, I have to call Southwest Airlines on some tickets that I have put on hold since the pandemic began.

Comment by Scoopster on 06/03/2021 13:24:35

I too am in the process of planning a trip to New York. We're having a family gathering in a couple weeks!

Comment by Will in Chicago on 06/03/2021 13:50:43
Quote by Scoopster:

I too am in the process of planning a trip to New York. We're having a family gathering in a couple weeks!

My Aunt Annette is still recovering from pneumonia after facing COVID-19. I may use my credits with Southwest Airlines to schedule a trip in late June or early July to Los Angeles. (I am applying for teaching work out there.)

Comment by Will in Chicago on 06/03/2021 14:19:20
Comment by livingonli on 06/03/2021 15:50:37
Dreary day here. Watching the Six Million Dollar Man pilot on Cozi.

Comment by TriSec on 06/03/2021 22:34:54
Trisec passing through.

It's been a year - as rapidly as everything went to hell on Memorial Day weekend 2020, this year has reversed course.

I've recently heard from my long-retired and sainted Scoutmaster from home. "Mr. V" is apparently spearheading my deferred Masonic Lodge application. When your old Scoutmaster says jump, you ask him 'how high'?

My increasingly epic journey towards two wheels is nearing the finish line. It's sure not like buying a car. (We drove to the dealer in the ratty ol' Subaru and drove home the new Nissan on the same day.)

I put a payment on it back on May 25 - paperwork is signed, insurance is bought, and my registration is at the RMV right now, waiting for the plates. But once that's done, I finally get to ride it home!