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Sunshine and Relaxation
Author: Raine    Date: 09/09/2021 13:15:40

As you know, we are still on vacation. Yes, in Florida. We're stayinf at a resort owned by a big hospitality company that takes the CDC recomendation very seriously. They have a mask mandate. We, of course follow it.

Having said that, unlike years past, we are not doing our usual going out and toddling around town. The bars and restaurants are less filled than over the holiday weekend. This is Fort Lauderdale, so I don't expect the kind of f*ckery that is occurring inland. We are still not taking chances. It sucks that we still have to be careful. When we see others wearing masks -- there is almost a secret look that is given; It's almost ' Thank you' and 'I can't believe we still have to do this shit'. Still there are masked people.

One thing I can say, it feels good to be away, and to be able to enjoy something outside of my circle. It's still a risk, but I am so glad to be able to did my toes in the ocean again.



6 comments (Latest Comment: 09/09/2021 16:42:44 by Will in Chicago)
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Comment by wickedpam on 09/09/2021 13:24:12

My cousin and her fam are in FL this week too, they are doing a rental house at the beach so I'm really worried. They are all vaxxed except her grandson who's 3.

Keep safe * hugs *

Comment by TriSec on 09/09/2021 13:50:14
Good morning.

I am somewhat miffed - that airshow in NH this weekend actually has a capacity limit. I couldn't get a parking pass for Saturday, so we can't go. (Actually a good thing, and yay on New Hampshire.)

So instead, we'll head to the Collings Foundation for this fine event.

Maybe I'll finally hunt down somebody and talk to them about volunteering in the aircraft hangar the next time around.

Comment by Scoopster on 09/09/2021 13:53:02
Mornin' all..
Tomorrow I'll be in Boston for the New England Cannabis Convention!

Comment by livingonli on 09/09/2021 15:58:33
Good morning. Certainly enough 9/11 porn on TV this week. I should try and watch the recent Frontline since it had some interesting points.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 09/09/2021 16:42:44
Good morning, bloggers!!!!

I hope that you are all well. I have my California driver's license and I am waiting on all my paperwork to be processed by the school district.

Fortunately, I am seeing most people in LA being careful about masking. I fear that the GOP and their voters are a lost cause in fighting this pandemic. The time for carrots is over. It is time for businesses to make a stand and say no mask, no service and have vaccine mandates.