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Early Riser
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/02/2022 09:25:57

Good Morning.

Only passing through briefly. "The Season" started yesterday - we're back to 5pm tours until November now. The sun is starting to shine; time to make some hay!

I'll be spending most of the day out of Boston, though. Another one of the casualties of covid was college visitations. One of the better ones for us was Curry College. A lovely suburban campus nestled in the Blue Hills. Last time, we had six trolleys circling around for the day, and we even got lunch.

It's much smaller this time - only three trolleys. But nevertheless, a hopeful sign for spring.

2 comments (Latest Comment: 04/02/2022 22:15:53 by TriSec)
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Comment by BobR on 04/02/2022 13:32:26
Happy for some sunshine and warmth. This seemed like a particularly cruel winter.

I will be attending a surprise birthday party for me. So you know what that means...


Comment by TriSec on 04/02/2022 22:15:53
*feather knocks Trisec over*

I found a letter in my inbox at work today. It is from our CEO, congratulating me on my fifth anniversary. (From April of 2017).

This actually means more to me than you could possibly realize. My self-styled title is "Your Loyal Trisec". For a company to show that to me has actually floored me.

As you all know, I was away for ten months during the height of Covid. Off the payroll, off the books. I came back in July of 2021, and had a lengthy conversation with our General Manager. We both agreed to push "Reset", as we all did what we needed to in order to survive. It appears that Corporate also agrees with that assessment.

Huzzah, indeed!