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This seems bad
Author: Raine    Date: 06/16/2022 13:02:48

Georgia Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk seems to have a bit of a problem on his hands. Maybe even blood, to be honest. Yesterday the January 6 committee released a video of him with a group of people inside the offices of the Capitol. Notetable is that the date of the video is from January 5.

The video was released after the Congressperson had put out shifting stories of what happened in those fateful and horrific days. We have an actual timeline of his every moving explanation.

January 6, 2021: Loudermilk's first description
Loudermilk gave an interview to a local Georgia radio station on the day of the riot. The Georgia Republican was still in an undisclosed secure location as he spoke. His comments would not become widely known until The Daily Dot uncovered them months later.

The explanation: "We actually had about a dozen people up here that wanted to come by and visit, we had them in our office, they definitely were peaceful people, people that we met at church. They were supporters of the president, they wanted to be up here as if it was another rally." (snip)
January 13, 2021: A Democratic lawmaker makes a jaw-dropping claim
Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Navy veteran and New Jersey Democrat, requested an investigation "into the suspicious behavior and access given to visitors to the Capitol Complex" on January 5, 2021, the day before the riot. Sherrill led 34 House Democrats in writing to the board that oversees the US Capitol Police, alleging that she and other lawmakers who signed the letter "witnessed an extremely high number of outside groups in the complex." As the authors point out, the Capitol was largely closed to the public at the time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (snip)
February 17, 2022: Republicans reportedly say there were no "reconnaissance tours"
May 19, 2022: The Jan. 6 committee makes its initial request:
House Jan. 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Vice-Chair Liz Cheney wrote to Loudermilk asking for information about the tour. They also said of the Republicans' denial, "The Select Committee's review of evidence directly contradicts that denial." (snip)
The same day: "A constituent family"
May 20, 2022: The same day: The family was joined by "some guests"
Loudermilk in a video message said, "Yesterday afternoon, as I was traveling home to Georgia from Washington, my wife and I found out that I was in the crosshairs of the January 6 committee. Why? Because on January the 5th, I took a family with young children and their guests who were visiting Washington to lunch in a cafeteria in one of the House office buildings." (snip)


This Morning, from The Guardian:
“Individuals on the tour photographed and recorded areas of the complex not typically of interest to tourists,” the panel’s chairman, Bennie Thompson, wrote in the letter to Loudermilk. “The January 5, 2021 tour raises concerns about their activity and intent.”

The man who took photos of the tunnels traveled to Washington on 4 January 2021, appearing to depart Georgia in the early morning on one of several “Keep America Great” coaches. It made a short stop in South Carolina before continuing to Washington.

He then toured the House office buildings the following day as part of Loudermilk’s group, recording himself in the basement rotunda of Cannon around 1pm on 5 January 2021, according to a Facebook live video he posted.
Interesting to note that this man was on a bus. We know who this person is. What I want to know is who organized that tour of the non public part of the capitol building, that seems important.

Today might be interesting.


14 comments (Latest Comment: 06/16/2022 18:17:37 by Raine)
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Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 13:33:34
Good Morning!

Comment by trojanrabbit on 06/16/2022 14:37:40
This crap smacks of espionage.

A capital crime in the Capitol.

Of course, we don't have the guts to do what is necessary.

Sophie is at the vet for her ultrasound. I feel alone....I don't like it one bit.

Comment by BobR on 06/16/2022 14:54:15
This is just one case. I want them ALL investigated, and then prosecuted for their actions

Comment by wickedpam on 06/16/2022 15:07:05

Comment by Will_in_LA on 06/16/2022 15:25:19
Good morning, bloggers!!!

Comment by Will_in_LA on 06/16/2022 15:27:34
I hope that we hear a lot about this issue.

The Congressman in question has been caught in a lie. I think that a full investigation is needed. If he was involved in helping set up a tour that was really all about gathering intelligence before an illegal attack on the Capitol, he should be censured and removed from Congress. Then, the appropriate charges should be filed.

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 15:42:03
I can't wait for the hearing today.

I want to know more about this picture:

Comment by Scoopster on 06/16/2022 17:48:22
Afternoon all..

Judge Luttig is not an unfamiliar quantity to me. He's an extremely conservative jurist. Some of his decisions over the years have been notably reactionary.

That said, he's doing the entire country justice today with his testimony.

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 18:06:16

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 18:08:48
Quote by Scoopster:
Afternoon all..

Judge Luttig is not an unfamiliar quantity to me. He's an extremely conservative jurist. Some of his decisions over the years have been notably reactionary.

That said, he's doing the entire country justice today with his testimony.
I agree!

I wish he didn't talk like Captain Kirk. That said, I know and understand he's not a made-for-TV dude.

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 18:09:59
I'm loving that they are talking about Kamala -- We don't do this shite!!!

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 18:11:10
John Eastman KNEW that if this sham happened Democracy in the USA would be destroyed.

That's why he said Kamala shouldn't do the same thing.

Comment by Raine on 06/16/2022 18:17:37