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Author: Raine    Date: 12/01/2022 14:06:44

I wish I could tell you I had something to talk about today. It does look like we will avoid a nationwide rail strike. That is good for the economy but sort of strikes deep into Union supporters, especially President Biden.

I'm not going to go into the rending of garments that some on the left are rending. This is what was said:
“As a proud pro-labor President, I am reluctant to override the ratification procedures and the views of those who voted against the agreement,” Biden said in a statement. “But in this case — where the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions of other working people and families — I believe Congress must use its powers to adopt this deal.”

“Congress should get this bill to my desk well in advance of December 9th so we can avoid disruption,” he added.

Meanwhile on the far right, we are looking at a whole other train coming down the tracks, one that desperately needs to be stopped. When one party is afraid to confront Nazi sympathizers, I have to wonder if we have our priorities right when it comes to politics.

So there is that.




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Comment by Raine on 12/01/2022 14:12:50
case in point:

Comment by Will_in_LA on 12/01/2022 14:22:59
Quote by Raine:
case in point:

Good morning, bloggers111

I fear that many people would be considering their options. The rising tide of hate has caused some of my friends to wonder where to go if we become The United States of Gilead. We might even see the nation split as I wonder what would hold us together.

Comment by Will_in_LA on 12/01/2022 14:23:37
On a lighter note, I am going in to turn in my paperwork and get my ID for the new job that starts on Monday.

Comment by BobR on 12/01/2022 16:00:35
I understand the concern, but it wasn't the horrendous "you're fired" Reagan response to the Air Traffic Controller's strike.