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Moving Day
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/08/2023 12:36:15

Good Morning.

For better or for worse, today we're headed down to Providence with a carful of stuff, headed back to the campus of Johnson & Wales

Javi is heading back for his last semester. He'll be graduating this May!

In the end, a wee little piece of paper with some calligraphic latin script, followed by the letters "B. A." and a mountain of student debt.

But maybe - a new daughter-in-law?? (The 'D' word you're supposed to get in college is "diploma". Diploma was the goal. )

It has indeed been a long journey, with many new experiences all around. Perhaps the strangest and oddest to many was that little foray to Disney last semester. There's a peculiar subset of internet culture out there called "Disney Adults". I'm not quite sure we go that far, but like I told Javi in December when I went back to get him, "Any day in the parks is a good day." Ever since he decided to go to culinary, Disney was the goal. Like everything else Javi has set his sights on, he's found a way to make it happen.

So now, he's back to finish the last few academic courses he needs to graduate. He's already got the lab credits, but he'll still be in the kitchen this spring. He's going to do a fun class or two, just because he can. He remains on-track to graduate magna cum laude and already has a network in-place in Providence. Landing on his feet in a kitchen will not be difficult.

The TriSecs are nearly empty-nesters now...but this will be real after May. Of course 18 is the age of majority in this country, but that college graduation date feels like a more permanent dividing line here. It will be on to the "next phase" for us all.



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Comment by BobR on 01/08/2023 13:39:45
Congrats to Javi, and to you and Mrs. TriSec for doing such great jobs as parents.