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Author: TriSec    Date: 02/11/2024 16:05:05

A quiet weekend around the ol' TriSec compound.

It's that time of year when tourists are few, and days off are many. Paychecks are microscopic, but that goes with a seasonal business.

In any case - got to do some Scouting yesterday. Was off to Camp Squanto in Plymouth working the kitchen. We put 700 people through the line for lunch! Ah, but this was supposed to be for something called the "Klondike Derby". Usually there's snow on the ground for the sleds, but thanks to climate change it was 60 degrees around here yesterday.

Today is the Superbowl. I know some among us that follow, but I'll likely not be watching. We're off to the Harvard Art Museums today, now free to all citizens of this Commonwealth. It's unlikely that we'll encounter many football fans there, but I won't discount the possibility that some of them like and appreciate fine art.

Work remains work - our GM has sent around an employee survey that I have gone nuclear on. Some of you might appreciate that I noted "One manager who has been there for decades, is the current roadblock for any sort of progress or change." I don't care if the survey is anonymous or not. (I used to be a manager, it's not.) My opinions there are well-known at this time.

My much needed trip to warmer climes is rapidly approaching, and after that I have resolved to make a decision if I stay driving trolleys or not. There is revolution afoot, and as one of the ringleaders I am inclined to stay and change things...but it has to be worth it for me. As you all know, I have a second job already, and they are begging me to come on full time, so right now I have nothing to lose.

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