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Probation Office!
Author: Raine    Date: 06/10/2024 13:34:23

Just another normal day when a former occupant of the White House has to meet a probation officer because he's guilty of 34 felonies.

Nothing to see here.

3 comments (Latest Comment: 06/10/2024 19:31:11 by Raine)
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Comment by Raine on 06/10/2024 15:32:41

Comment by TriSec on 06/10/2024 18:47:58
Hi all! (waves southwesterly)

Your Loyal TriSec back from a delightful weekend of Scouting Therapy. I cooked for 20 staff and participants on something called IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills), targeted at new Scout Leaders that might not have a clue what they're doing in the woods.

I taught the firebuilding class (because of course I did!) and did a brief module on Dutch-Oven cooking while demonstrating with my World Famous Peach Cobbler.

A fine time was had by all.

Comment by Raine on 06/10/2024 19:31:11