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The 4th
Author: Raine    Date: 07/04/2024 13:11:01

I am not sure How I feel about it this year. Monday's SCOTUS ruling was a gut punch. I tried to prepare for the worst, but it wasn't enough. Where I am at tho, is in a place of deep anger with the media and how they're treating our President.

The constant drone of 'Will he drop out?' is deeply disturbing. and it's media-driven, make no mistake about it. Democrats are telling people that we will fight FOR democracy, our Constitution, and our freedoms. The media is trying to tell us that we won't fight for our own President.

I will continue to support the man who has our backs and has for years. Screw the political reporting. I don't want a rapist felon in the White House.

Insist, resist, and persist on this Independence Day. Let's make sure it's not our last.


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Comment by Will_in_Ca on 07/04/2024 16:07:32
Happy Independence Day!!!!

While I am concerned, I am determined. With that in mind, let me share this from Malcolm Nance: Teffified? Time to Fight the Dictatorship

Donald Trump being held accountable led to a political backlash by a Supreme Court that decided they were officially the MAGA Court. Trump bragged that he bought the court and that they owed him; the threats, personal pressure, corruption, and conniving finally paid off. They not only ended every case against him, but they armed him with the tools to be the first successful American dictator.

To quote the brilliant Mel Brooks in the movie The Producers, “It's enough to make ya heave.”

For those who say, well, it can’t be all that bad. Please recount that in the movie Judgment at Nuremberg, Spencer Tracy played the Justice who had, on trial, the Nazi supreme court. That court had authorized Hitler to legitimately dehumanize Jews and imprison political enemies, which led to a war where 60 million people lost their lives. Every decision Hitler made was because the Supreme Court gave him the authority to do anything he wanted in Germany. Under German laws, they made it all legal. Not just burning 6 million Jews to death in ovens but also legally and quietly executing 300,000 Germans who had a physical disability, mental illness, or any character they felt was not Aryan enough. The completely legal order from Hitler, called Aktion T4, was sanctioned by the German Judiciary because they empowered Hitler to act as he saw fit in his official capacity as Reich Chancellor.

The US Supreme Court gave Donald Trump and any future president the same power. As long as it is official, it cannot be considered criminal. So now you can all call July 1, 2024, American Dictatorship Day.

To quote John Paul Jones, "I have not yet begun to fight." (Details of the victory of the Bonhomme Richard over the British ship Sepis are here. The odds may seem long at times, but victory is still possible.)