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Musings on the National Pastime
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/06/2007 12:44:07

Good Morning!

We have a saying around thes parts....'There'se only two year-round sports....Politics and Baseball'.

Last night, I watched a terrific ballgame. It was a taught pitcher's duel that went into extra innings, and featured a full count with the bases loaded in the home team's last at bat.

Trouble is....it was the "wrong" team for me. Yes, I watched the Yankees game last night.

But they started early, and even going into extra innings, the game was over at a reasonable hour, just a few minutes after 9pm eastern.

Changing channels to the hometown nine, at 10pm they were just in the third inning at Fenway. I made it to the sixth in front of the teevee, then went upstairs with my trusty radio. I listened in a half-dozing state until midnight....which was still only the eighth inning of that game.

Writing this, I haven't checked; I don't know who won.

But isn't that something wrong about this game? The playoffs started Wednesday, and already all 4 series are better than half over. All the games have been played at night, and for some reason, last night's game at Fenway didn't start until 8:30 pm, an astonishingly late hour for a game with no time limits.

Many arguments can be made both for and against the designated hitter, and interleague play, but I think any true baseball fan would not have anything bad to say if the playoffs went like the regular season. Most night games all year start at 7:05 at Fenway and are usually done by 10:30...why can't they do that during the playoffs? Unless it's a major team coming in for a national broadcast, weekend games at Fenway start at 1:05 pm, the way baseball was meant to be played...in the glorious sunshine. Why can't at least one World Series game be played in the sun?

These are the things that occupy your loyal TriSec's mind this Saturday morning....now let's get out there and hit some fungoes!

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