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What's the state of YOUR union?
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/29/2008 00:42:31

Sweeter words have never been spoken. "Tonight is President Bush's last State of the Union Address"

Come and join us this evening...compare and contrast the state of your union to the ‘vision’ the "President" has.

There will be drinking games, fellowship, and a shared feeling of anguish.

YES, this is it!!! The Final GWB SOTU address blog... we have created this place for all those who need to talk and vent and get it all out. It is after all, Civics Christmas for Political Geeks.

Welcome, friends patriots and lovers of democracy... ;). This is the first Annual Four Freedoms SOTU blog. It is happily the last ever from the pResident in chief. So without further ado, we present to you, The official Rachel Maddow Show State of The Union Drinking Game 2008:

Here’s how to play: Call some friends and ask if they'll watch the speech with you. Whether you watch at home, or at a bar somewhere, print-out this list of the drinking cue words, so you know when to drink.

What to drink? Beer is the traditional choice for this game. If you’re sober, it can of course be done with near-beer, but you run the risk, of carb overload. If you hate beer but desire booze, try a half-strength highball - put one ounce of your favorite spirit (bourbon, gin, vodka, scotch, cognac, even tequila) in a glass full of ice, and top it all the way up with seltzer, tonic or some kind of soda. (From Raine... we need designated Bloggers... )

When to drink: Here’s this years rules.

Drink once if bush says OSAMA BIN LADEN. Drink once if bush says SADDAM HUSSEIN.

Drink once if bush says HILLARY CLINTON. Drink TWICE, if bush says HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

Drink twice more, if bush says any variant of HILLARY CLINTON'S name, AND either Osama or saddam’s name, in the same sentence.

Drink once if he misstates the name of the opposition, and calls them the DEMOCRAT party. Drink once if he says OBAMA, twice if he mispronounces BARACK.

Drink once for the word TORTURE.

Drink twice and YELL AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH at the TV, if he says “we do not torture”
(edit to add from Raine, toss head back and gargle your drink before swallowing )

Drink once if the recently deceased prophet of the mormon church gets a shout out – Gordon Hinckley.

Drink twice, if the state of the union is anything other than just strong. It used to be "strong and confident". But recently he’s just been down to "strong".

Drink once every time world war 2 gets a shout out Drink twice if we hear the word Hitler, or any weird madeup variant of the word Hitler. Remember when he made up "hitlerism"?

Drink once if bush says the word FASCISM. Drink twice if he says the phrase ISLAMIC fascism. Drink 3 times if he says islam O' fascism.

And finally – what I’m hoping for? is for bush to find a nice way to use AFRICA again. Whether it's uranium, or Dikembe Mutombo. Any excited utterance of the word AFRICA. Bottoms up. I know there’s more drinking in this one than in years past, but I’ve been criticized in the past for leaving you guys sober.

I want to add a few more...

Drink when he says 911™.

Drink once when he mentions FISA.

Drink once when he mentions LEGACY.

Drink once when he mentions Lincoln

If he says Stimulus Package, drink while touching a private part. We won't ask, so you won't have to tell.

Four Freedoms highly recommends the coverage at MSNBC, but of course you are free to choose any network you wish!

Will anyone be brave and foolhardy enough to watch Fox?

OK! here we go! I will see you inside! and :martini:

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