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Breaking up is hard to do
Author: Raine    Date: 01/31/2008 13:23:40

I am single again. I won't tell you the sad story of how it happened because I myself am still not sure. I have my suspicions, but now is not the time or the place.

As John Edwards suspended his campaign yesterday, I immediately felt a real shift in the political landscape. (ok, it actually felt like someone punched me in the gut. The last time I remember feeling like that was the very last broadcast of *UnFiltered*) I suspect all of us who felt passionately about a candidate have felt this so far, unless you felt that way about our 2 remaining candidates that is.

That means you still have a date to the prom.
I don't. :(

And the MSM pundits felt the shift too. The question of the night was who will Edwards endorse? Where will his supporters go?

Suddenly last night I felt like a prize to be taken instead of earned. There were reasons why I supported John Edwards, it was not just because his speeches inspired me. It wasn't because he was something perceived as different. It wasn't the work he did for the poor and underserved. I supported John Edwards because he supported the causes that I truly care about in this country, and he made them the centerpieces of his campaign. He talked substance. He gave answers and he did not waiver in his convictions.

Now, it's over. And I am being told that Edwards supporters can tilt this election. I have a question for both campaigns... if you want my and other Edwards supporters, what can you do for me, For us? For progressives, for those who want universal healthcare? What will you do for our teachers who need NCLB radically changed? How about the environmentalists who don't want more nukes or more promises of clean coal? For us who really believe that global warming is a critical issue? For us that believe that when you get people out of poverty, you lift your nation up? What will you do for the children and grandchildren of this nation? What about restoring the constitution? Closing Gitmo? Stopping signing statements? How about absolving illegal executive orders? What about giving our children incentives to attend college? And mostly - what will you do to help remove poverty and restore the middle class?

Both Hillary and Barack have promised to make the issue of Poverty more prominent in their campaign. I must say I am skeptical. No one really talked about poverty in this campaign until John Edwards. Change was the first thing Edwards spoke of... now everyone seems to. That is a great thing. it drove the debate to the place that Americans want and NEED it to be.

So the question is there for me, why should I support anyone in the primary? One of these two people will be the nominee. The don't need my money. They have never asked for my support. Their messages and platforms are not what I wanted from a president. How can I support what does not inspire me? This is the primary season right? Don't I still get to have a voice, or will I be told who I must vote for?

I never told Kucinch supporters that their vote didn't count, nor anyone else. No one likes to be told that. I would not want that done to me. I wanted people to feel as tho my candidate earned that thing that is so precious to me as an American, a vote cast.

Tonite will be the first debate without John. It will be interesting to see if they will indeed heed his request. It will be interesting to see how they act with the grownup out of the room.

I can't believe I am single again. I guess for now I will play the field and see what happens. I don't want to date again. I like having a relationship. But for now, I am. Please don't tell me that there is not time for that. The best way to win my vote is to show me that you are my friend. WE will see what happens from their.

Oh, and I'll vote on Tuesday, you bet. I will still vote for John Edwards.

The question remains, who will earn my support come November? Hillary and Barack have some very large shoes to fill. Wherever my dance card goes, it will have to be earned, because I have some damn nice shoes too.

I will see you inside.

:peace: and as always,

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