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Afterbirthers in a Neo-Racist Society.
Author: Raine    Date: 04/28/2011 13:07:58

This morning I find myself fascinated once again over the amount of racism that is acceptable (for me, you know, NONE is the proper answer). For the Media, I just don't know. After yesterdays press conference, where the President actually declared that he released his Birth Certificate, some assumed that the issue would finally be over. They were wrong. The reason why is that it was never really about the birth certificate. If one needs more proof, take a look at Donald Trump and Orly Taitz. One is now attacking the President's education, the other has deemed the President committed fraud with his selective service papers. I won't bore you with the freak show here, but she was kicked off of Lawrence O'Donnell's show last night. Trump, on the other hand, not satisfied to let his birther stupidity go, has moved on to Affirmative Action.
... accusing him of being a "terrible student" who shouldn't have gotten into Columbia University or Harvard Law School. "How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?"
One can easily read between the lines and hear the Dog Whistle there. Funny thing -you'll recall that Obama became the first black president of the Harvard Law review. The NYT wrote of it back in 1990:
The new president of the Review is Barack Obama, a 28-year-old graduate of Columbia University who spent four years heading a community development program for poor blacks on Chicago's South Side before enrolling in law school. His late father, Barack Obama, was a finance minister in Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, is an American anthropologist now doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii.

''The fact that I've been elected shows a lot of progress,'' Mr. Obama said today in an interview. ''It's encouraging.

''But it's important that stories like mine aren't used to say that everything is O.K. for blacks. You have to remember that for every one of me, there are hundreds or thousands of black students with at least equal talent who don't get a chance,'' (snip)

A President's Future

The president of the law review usually goes on to serve as a clerk for a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals for a year, and then as a clerk for an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Mr. Obama said he planned to spend two or three years in private law practice and then return to Chicago to re-enter community work, either in politics or in local organizing.
He did just that, by returning to Chicago and eventually becoming a Senator. I'm surprised Trump hasn't questioned how he got elected... You see, It was not - nor was it ever really - about a Birth Certificate or his citizenship status. As I pondered writing today's blog, I had a funny feeling that I've been here before, So I went to our archives. I wrote this piece, about our Neo-Racist Society. It's easy to forget stuff like this:
Since when did a peace sign on a little girl cause so much angst in this world? Over the weekend the website FreeRepublic got a lot of attention for allowing a thread to run about Malia Obama and her peace tee shirt. The Vancouver Sun wrote an article about it.
“A typical street whore.” “A bunch of ghetto thugs.” “Ghetto street trash.” “Wonder when she will get her first abortion.”

These are a small selection of some of the racially-charged comments posted to the conservative ‘Free Republic’ blog Thursday, aimed at U.S. President Barack Obama’s 11-year-old daughter Malia after she was photographed wearing a t-shirt with a peace sign on the front.

David Schuster said that he will be covering the story today, on his afternoon show - to which FR responded with (Warning: the link is offensive) homophobia. That is right, they blamed the messenger when charged with racism by responding with homophobia. I will be the first to admit that FR is not exactly what some would call a bastion of typical conservatism. I refuse to buy the idea that we are in a post-racial world when we have neo-racists out there spewing this kind of hatred towards an 11 year old black child. Where is that fierce child advocate, Sarah Palin now? One would think she would speak out on behalf of Malia, right? Somehow, I don't think that will happen. Next, we will be told that it is just a message board. Well, it isn't.
In that same blog post we talked about the then newly elected President of the Young Republicans
In the meantime, the Young Republicans elected a new president of their organization: Audra Shay... This Audra Shay.(the image is too large to post here, but it's worth the click)
Shay now claims that she was only responding to Piker’s first comments, not having noticed the second. The eight-minute gap between the second post and her response strains the credibility of this defense.
It didn’t take long for other posters on Shay’s page to do the math. First, Derek Moss wrote “What’s disheartening is the use of the word 'coon' in 2009. Wow… I’m usually outnumbered about 500-to-1 on Audra’s threads so go ahead, lemme have it, I deserve it.” He apparently expected to be criticized as among this crowd for calling out the racist comment.

Cassie Wallender, a national committeewoman from the Washington Young Republican Federation, then wrote: “Someone please help a naïve Seattle girl out, is Eric’s comment a racist slur?” She answered her own question one minute later: “Okay, why is this okay? I just looked it up. ‘It comes from a term baracoons (a cage) where they used to place Africans who were waiting to be sent to America to be slaves.’ THIS IS NOT OKAY AND IT’S NOT FUNNY.”

This was followed soon after by the chairman of the D.C. Young Republicans, Sean L. Conner, who wrote “I’m really saddened that you would support this type of racial language. ..wow! Thanks Cassie for standing up…”

They say we are now in a Post-Racialist Society; after learning about this, all I have to say is: Are you fucking kidding me? That is the new head of the Young Republicans. Sad state of affairs is this party and this country. There are people trying to dismantle the voting rights act using the excuse that we are in a Post-Racial world now that we elected a "Black President". Well I don't buy that crap. This party is becoming more and more polarized (as is the Country) because of sites like FR.
No it's not about the Birth Certificate, it's about people looking for permission to be blatantly racist in America today. If calling them out for what they do makes me a racist, fine. You know why? I wrote about that too. I must be racist -- you are too:

To these people, the rights in the constitution are selectable and only for a few privileged folk: Them. I might be more reluctant to call them out for what it looks like if they had been around for the past 8 years when we actually saw our civil liberties getting torn to shreds. They were nowhere to be found as our bill of rights was being disassembled. The silence was deafening right up until we elected a black man as President. I can't see it any other way. They were silent when the previous administration threw hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking industry with no oversight-- they said nothing. They were silent when their retirement funds dried up as the market went into a downward spin last year. They were silent when the previous administration gave the auto industry a 17 billion dollar loan and now they scream it's socialism. What else would explain it?

I believe one thing about these people. When they say 'they want their country back', they mean it. This I believe. What these people need to learn -- everyone of them from Rush, Steele, Beck & Hannity - to every marcher at the tea parties is how to share. It's not like people of color are going anywhere. They are here to stay in the United States. What they don't seem to understand is ALL Americans got the country back on January 20, 2009. Until they learn that this country does not belong exclusively to THEM, they look like a bunch of bigots and angry fools fanning the flames of hate. Ooh. I called them out. I guess that makes me a racist now too.
You can add Orly and Trump to the ever growing list of these people.

I don't care if calling out this post racial afterbirth waste makes me a racist. It won't stop me from calling this hate out. Seems like we've been at it for a long time now.


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