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Friday Fun Stack
Author: BobR    Date: 10/12/2007 12:06:30

Good morning folks! It's Friday and the weekend is within our grasp. Last Friday, I posted a rather heavy reflection on our current situation, so this week I am following the lead of the Stephanie Miller Show and providing a Friday Fun Stack.

First, from the web site Bush or Chimp we have this gem:

Prezzie want a banana? :sprint:

Continuing along in the "things are not what they seem" vein, here we have Reagan talking about the virtues of being a *gasp* LIBERAL:

(Thanks to Bob Harris for this...)

Continuing with the absurd, there's this headline that is absolutely NOT made up:

Taco Bell to open restaurants in Mexico

"It's like bringing ice to the Arctic," complained pop culture historian Carlos Monsivais.
Hey - there's a McDonalds in Paris...

But what would a Friday be without some music? How about Dylan's Special 60th birthday album?... No?...

How about Eddie Van Halen "shredding"?

Okay, that wasn't really Eddie Van Halen. There's another bunch here, but be forwarned: If you're at work, they're guaranteed productivity killers. They guy that dubbed all these has done a VERY good job of making guitar heroes look like idiots.

This, however, is genius: Darth Vader coming to America...


I hope you've gotten a smile out of these, and are better prepared to get through this last day before the weekend. It's only a few hours until cocktail time!

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