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Happy Sunday!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 09/25/2011 13:35:52

Good morning.

Well, we continue the downward spiral to dumb or dumberest in the Republican field. Recently, we actually had to argue whether to fund disaster relief. Really?! Yes, really. Though we continue to fund contracts for war and subsidizing Big Oil. Sheesh.

And, I keep hearing these same people whining about taxpayer dollars helping an American business, Solyndra, that sadly went bankrupt, but not one peep about how much of our money went to funding Haliburton and its' subsidies for killing innocent people and a few of our own soldiers. Not one investigation.

But I digress.

The big news is Herman Cain. Yes, Herman "I'm a Black Guy too, dammit" Cain actually won, WON, a straw poll by the Florida Republican Party! I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

But, the truth is that less than 3,000 republicans voted in the straw poll, and, that off those 2,657 people 15% were legally blind, 9% were confused about where they were, and 2% thought that Herman Cain was John McCains son. The rest were swayed by the free pizza and the famous Godfather Streusel Dessert Pizza™. So, he continues to be not a big deal.

I have to work early today, so have a great one!

I leave you with this, for your enjoyment, last nights opening sketch from SNL in case you missed it. Though, how would you have? Radiohead was the band.

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