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The world hasn't stopped.
Author: toshua    Date: 12/29/2011 04:06:01

    I've been watching a lot of the news shows over the past few days while the Christmas season rotates around me. While the Christmas movies have taken over most of the prime time hours, has anyone noticed something else? All of the 'talking heads' are discussing the politics of Iowa and the caucus coming up, along with the 'surge' of the Republican candidates and the fall of the same.

    Gotta ask: what about the rest of the world? The political games of US are not the beginning and end of the news. How about the power change in N. Korea? The earthquake in New Zealand? The protest marches in Moscow? Or follow-ups on things in the US, like the tornadoes, the floods, the drought in Texas?

   I've seen 30 second coverage 'sound bites' on North Korea. While we might not have reporters there, shouldn't we have a little more coverage, maybe even S. Korea's reaction? We have reporters in Moscow. Have you seen any coverage of the 30,000 people that marched over election results? How about New Zealand? There's a series of earthquakes and it gets 30 seconds before we're back to Newt and Rick and their ups and downs.

    While what happens here in the US is the biggest concern to the citizens of the US, we shouldn't be ignoring the rest of the world because our politics are in chaos. It's a big world and we're part of it. It's a real shame to have to go to the BBC to find other news of the world. While some would point to the web and sites likes 'Huffington Post' as coverage of the world, get real. 90% of Americans get their news from some TV channel, network or cable.

     So many of our citizens don't have a clue about the rest of the world and lots of them don't care... Is it a good idea for the biggest news agencies cover nothing but politics, hour after hour?

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