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Yee Haw.
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/15/2012 15:43:38

Ahhh, the South. Magnolia tree's, sweet tea, long chats on the front porch swing, grits, friendly waves as you walk down the road, garden clubs and peaches. Just a few things that come to mind when you mention the delightful Southern states.

Living here during primary season, however, is not all "how do" and roses, thank you please. Nope. This is when we turn ugly. Or at least the candidates do. I don't know ya'll are getting up above the Mason-Dixon line, but here's a sample of the kind of putrid crap we are getting.

Much of it is so humorous that I am often wondering what is actual and real. So much so, that when/if Stephen Colbert comes out with any TV spots I'm not sure we'll really notice them! Case in point: last night I came home and turned on the TV to catch the end of SNL. They were in commercials and a new ad popped up with an authoritative male voice over a fuzzy picture of President Obama saying, "Who has the best chance to beat Barack Obama?

....... Rick Santorum". I leaned it waiting for Andy Sandborg to portray Santorum, but no! It was an actual, real, and serious ad for the guy. Really! Color me stupefied.

Here is Ron Paul trying his hand at getting the young hip vote.

The Super Pacs are putting out the worst ads both in content and creativity. Newt has a Pac called "Winning Our Future". They suck. I mean, one lie after the next. One currently running has clips from a movie that is almost comical due to inaccuracies and faux caring of the middle class. But I give you this sample due to the really cool ad that's in front of the ad, just for my 4F geeks:

Mitt has a Super Pac called Restore our Future. I'm guessing they just want to restore their tax breaks. And they put out your typical lame attack ad:

Here's the Sandy commercial that I thought was a hoax:

Rick Perry has some ads out as well, but not much. He seems to be focused on being a manly-man while wearing that Brokeback Mountain jacket. It's weird. And gay.

All in all, these ads make me yearn to visit the north so I can at least turn on the news.

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