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We are not the enemy. We are Americans
Author: Raine    Date: 11/08/2012 15:05:52

I read this post this morning, and I thought it was worth posting here:

A serious and sympathetic post for any lurking conservatives.

Your pollsters and your pundits lied to you.

They told you all the mainstream polls were "skewed".

They told you it was going to be a Romney landslide.

They said their internal polls showed that Romney was ahead, and that Pennsylvania was in play.

They lied.

They did it because they wanted to manipulate you and make sure that you were excited enough to go out and vote. Maybe you understand why they lied, but it should be clear to you by now, that they did indeed lie to you.

They lie to you about other things as well. They definitely lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They are lying to you about climate change. And they constantly lie to you about the income distribution of the tax cuts they propose.

The biggest lies they tell, though, are about us - the liberals. The truth is this:

We believe in hard work, and that it would be best if every able-bodied working age person had a job.

We believe in families; strong families make a strong America.

We believe in the freedom of religion. We would never support a candidate who was openly hostile to Christianity (or Judaism, or Islam, etc.).

We believe in success. Most of us do not favor punitive tax rates for the rich; we just think that middle class and working class families should get extra breaks on their taxes that the rich do not need.

We believe in free enterprise capitalism (well, most of us). Capitalism works through competition, and competition fails when big businesses are allowed to run roughshod over smaller businesses and workers. That's why we favor regulated capitalism instead of a Wild West free-for-all.

Most of all, we believe in America. We love this country and we strive to make it better. We may not always be right about everything, but we are motivated by our love of the country and its people - ALL of its people.

We are your friends and your neighbors. We have jobs, kids, mortgages, bills, honey-do lists, and headaches just the same as you. We aren't the monsters Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck told you we were.

Your pollsters and your pundits lied to you.

I'm telling you the truth.

I wish I had written those words. Someone else did for all of us. On Wednesday, the Pollsters and Pundits who drilled - day after day - the lies, anger and distortion into people heads had only this to say: They were wrong. Oops. Dick Morris actually said:
“What this is saying is this is the new America. This isn’t your father’s America.”

“The percentage of single women, minorities and voters under 30 is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” Morris said.”
The denial is still there. There is no such thing as a *new* America. There is just the United States and a lot of people spent a lot of money to divide it. The NYT summed this up pretty simply:
The most expensive election in American history drew to a close this week with a price tag estimated at more than $6 billion, propelled by legal and regulatory decisions that allowed wealthy donors to pour record amounts of cash into races around the country.

But while outside spending affected the election in innumerable ways — reshaping the Republican presidential nominating contest, clogging the airwaves with unprecedented amounts of negative advertising and shoring up embattled Republican incumbents in the House — the prizes most sought by the emerging class of megadonors remained outside their grasp. President Obama will return to the White House in January, and the Democrats have strengthened their lock on the Senate.
All that money and so little to show for it. This is more proof that the party of personal responsibility and fiscal conservatism exists no more. How they can make an attempt to get that so-called new American demographic without almost completely abandoning the philosophy they have had for decades? I don't see how that is possible.

People looked truly shocked when Romney lost. They looked shocked here in Virginia when Tim Kaine became senator-elect. They were shocked that the Tea Party agenda was truly rejected. They were shocked because the GOP has built a machine based on lies -- with an undercurrent that we are still a paternalistic country. Perhaps Dick Morris spoke truth by admitting many of the party leaders and pundits believe that this party - the GOP - is someone's father's party. He seems genuinely surprised that a very large swath of Americans are "single women, minorities and voters under 30". This is who they look at as others, not them - not members of the GOP. They drove an antiquated philosophy into the heads of people, and it really doesn't mesh up with the realities of today. The GOP has presented a political ideology they no longer believe they can defend but still want people to support. It's no wonder people were so shocked and confused and saddened with the results of this election.

When you consider that Chris Christie - and how he took care of his state before, during and after Superstorm Sandy - was treated FAR worse than Todd Akin and Richard Murdock (the 2 rape apologists that were running for the Senate) that says a lot about the priorities of a political party. They never admonished Joe Walsh for his hurtful words; instead, they demanded an apology from Christie for actually showing that Government could work to benefit its people. This is a party that has gone so far backwards, they are actually amazed that we are nation of people that embraces diversity and free thought. We are not demographics that should be split up and attacked. We are Black, white, yellow, brown. We are religious, agnostic and atheist. We are gay, lesbian, straight, transgender and bisexual. We are mothers, daughters, fathers and brothers. We don't like to see women attacked. We don't like being told that some of us are more deserving of equality than others. We don't like government in our bodies. We don't like one party telling people that rape isn't always rape. We don't like to see that the GOP considers women and people of color as minorities and then treats them as such. We don't like seeing people having their vote suppressed. We don't like constantly being told that this nation is a hellhole and that only one party will make it better.

All this proves that the Unites States of America cannot be bought and sold to the highest bidder. It proves that we believe in our nation - in spite of the lies. How the Republican party can become relevant again without relying on the fear and anger of people, I don't know. What I do know is that We the People are not the enemy. Maybe the GOP would benefit from starting there by accepting responsibility for what they have done.

Liberals are not the enemy. We are Americans. Don't let people lie to you.


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