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Can we Get this Guy? Please?
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 02/10/2013 15:28:16

Dr. Keith Ablow, American psychiatrist, highly paid expert witness, New York Times best-selling author of fiction and nonfiction, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts Medical School, avid homophobe, and loud mouth FOX news television personality recently brought joy to my heart when he said he would run to replace John Kerry as MA next Senator.

Sadly he revealed yesterday that he is no longer interested in the job; I'm sure he's much too busy fighting all the gayness that plagues our country not to mention his concern for our VP's alcoholism and/or dementia. So the fine citizens of MA will not benefit from his service.

Of course, his service to the people of that fine state did have some conditions, he would run once the RNC united behind him in full force. He would grace the Senate with his presence as long as he didn't have to work too hard, you know, campaign.

Via a press release Ablow announced:

We face an unprecedented assault on the Constitution and our individual liberties. If the Republican Party in Massachusetts and the Republican National Committee ask me to run at this time, and offer their support in that effort, I will run. If they support another candidate, I will work hard to elect that candidate. If that candidate should lose, I will, in all likelihood, again offer to be a candidate for Senate from Massachusetts in 2014, under the same conditions. The Party can’t afford to spend precious resources on a divisive primary. If all the leaders of the Party united around me – to preclude a primary, I would run.

Yes, the good citizens of Massachusetts can reap the benefit of his knowledge and experience as long as he doesn't have to put too much time and effort into it. God forbid we should inconvenience him!

Can you imagine the fun he'd be in the Senate? Dissecting every word, every movement from his fellow house members? This is the man who went on FOX news after the Vice Presidential debates to give a "medical analysis" and it was here we learned that Joe Biden is an alcoholic with dementia! Yikes! He can tell this just by looking at him on a monitor. He is also the same man that said that Newt Gingrich's three marriages actually made him more qualified to be president. In a blog on FOX news website he wrote: "When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we’ll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we’ll want to let him go after one." HUH?

Who in Massachusetts wouldn't want this man to be serving them? This is the guy that claims that if you paint your young sons toenails pink, you are enslaving him to a future of confused gender identity.

Can't you just see it now?

"The Chair recognizes the Senator from the great state of Massachusetts"

"Thank you Mr. Chairman. I would like to clarify my position on this current bill, however, before I start I'd like to advise that my colleague Mrs Barbara Boxer may be suffering from a mood disorder. At first I believed she just may be hormonal, but as one can assume, based on her age, she has completed her menopausal state, I must conclude that she may suffer from an acute cyclothymic disorder. I base this on her extreme mood swings that I've observed both here and in the cafeteria. And now I see that she is pulling her hair and rubbing her eyebrow, so I'm also going to diagnosis her with a case of Trichotillomania. Now, moving on to my colleague from the state of Alaska....."

Off now to write to the RNC to convince them to get behind this guy! Let's just skip all the primary stuff - you know, the stuff where the PEOPLE DECIDE!

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