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Helping Sam Seder
Author: shelaghc    Date: 04/17/2008 20:32:45

Sorry if this is a misuse of the blog entries. I thought it would be helpful for the Sam effort if all of the places to weigh in were in one locale.

Of course, email [email protected] (and/or [email protected] - there's some debate as to which spelling is correct) and politely let him know we support and will listen to a five-day-a-week gig for Sam.

Sign Robert Greenwald's petition. This is an extremely generous thing for Robert Greenwald to do, and the more signatures, the better.

Post a comment on the blog at AAR. It's the one with the announcement about the "celebrity guest hosts" for the next month. They've already got a talented radio show host ready, willing and able to step into that time slot. Use him!

Here's a quote from Sam's blog on April 12th:
I don't know what aar plans for the week after Belzer, I hope it turns out to be me. I don't like the idea of competing with Randi, but we wouldn't really be competing... Randi's affiliates know her, most will pick her up. Those that don't want to keep running her won't... I'd like those few to be ones that end up running my daily show.

Sam's contract will run out in just a few weeks (mentioned in the summary of this blog post from earlier today) - which may be why AAR hasn't committed to a show for him yet.

AAR management continually makes boneheaded decisions about their on-air personalities. Let's make sure they know just how boneheaded a move like dropping Sam, after the disastrous decision about Randi, would be.

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