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Great Minds
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/02/2013 14:38:18

Let's face it, the smartest people tend to be Republicans. It's time to face facts and either join up, or dumb down. Or, if you are burdened by being of the female variety, you can become either a home-maker or a stripper; depending on your looks and abilities.

If you watched the movie Lincoln that gave Daniel Day-Lewis his 99th Best Actor Award you know just how brilliant Republicons are! Not just smart, also compassionate, kind and generous, brave, witty, and fair-minded. Just like Abe Lincoln and Jesus.

Let's take a look at some recent Replicant activity and see what they are accomplishing.

Why should the weaker sex be troubled with all this thinking nonsense? Women only have to be good at looking pretty and keeping dinner on time while the house is clean. Occasionally, they should pop out a child, and they should not be allowed to decide if they want to abort an non-viable fetus; that's for males in state and federal governments to decide. Like this guy.

At a congressional committee hearing to discuss a proposed measure to criminalize abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a Texas lawmaker told a woman who made the difficult choice to terminate a non-viable pregnancy that she should have carried the fetus to term anyway — even though an MRI had already revealed that he was missing a large part of his brain and didn’t have much chance of survival.

You just worry about making good sandwiches!

Smart men on the TeeVee recently bemoaned the fact that (gasp) some women might get paid more than men. Shockingly, a recent report says that in 4 out of 10 household with children, the woman is the breadwinner. This needs fixing; and these Repulpliant guys are on top of it! Here's Lou Dobbs and his panel of men mansplaining it:

He calls the statics "troubling" and "concerning" and rightly offers that "society is dissolving around us.."

Here's the clip:

Speaking of compassion; one of the things that Rebuplocons excel at is their innate generosity to those less fortunate. Examples of their kind spirit are all over the place, here is just one of them.
A community health program manager got a surprise when she e-mailed her NH State Congressman [Martian Hardy] recently to ask him about why he had voted to cut money from mental health programs. The Senator told her that society would be better without disabled people, and he wishes he could ship disabled people to Siberia.

What a lovely place for the disabled.

Yes, why aren't you a member of the Repubic party? Like Jesus, Elvis, Dirty Harry and even Ronald Reagan? Go forth and help poor people, women, and the disabled and sick.

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