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Cleaning out the drawer of the blog mind
Author: TriSec    Date: 06/14/2014 11:58:34

Good morning.

I've got some snippets today, but not enough of any subject for a "real" blog, so I'll try to string them all together...with the usual apologies to Globe columnist Bob Ryan, from whom I shamelessly steal this idea from time to time.

We've reached the end of another soccer season; today's the last regular-season game. 2 weeks ago, Javi's team was undefeated and headed for the playoffs, but they've had a bit of a slump in the last few games. So that sets up a must-win situation today in the faroff venue of Westford, MA...which fortunately has a turf field just like home.

Most of you know that earlier in the week I completed my six-month doctoring cycle, my "new life" after chemotherapy. I am pleased to report that all is well. In rapid succession, I saw my Oncologist, Gastroenterologist, and PCP. Oncology was fine; they drew blood for testing and I rattled of my list of complaints. Chief among them is I still seem to tire easily and I've got some lingering CIPN, but nothing debilitating. My Gastro reported finding another polyp, but this one was at the surgical site and was completely benign. (They tend to form on or near scar tissue.) Then my PCP was just a routine physical for camp. I needed a DTP booster and we checked the blood work; everything was completely normal. Cancer recovery is incremental; first round was a year, but now my next round of visits is 18 months. If I pass then, I get two years next.

While I was in getting checked, so was my car that day. Over the last few years, I've been concerned with other things, so I let my car go to seed, unfortunately. But we saved a big wad of cash over the last 2 months or so, and I expected a big repair bill. I wasn't disappointed - new brakes all around, new rear struts, new muffler, an oil change, and a new tire later and it's like driving a freakin' new car. Which saved me from actually buying a new one. Mrs. TriSec went back to work last fall, and our longstanding agreement always was she can get a new car when she went back to work. I have a credit card settlement that is done in November; guess what we're buying for Christmas this year?

Speaking of cancer, in the darkest days after I was first diagnosed and I started treatment, you know I freaked out a little. I did two things at that time; started studying Russian, and I started reading Winston Churchill's massive WWII memoirs. My thinking at the time was I had better do these things while I still can. Alas, my Russian studies have languished of late, but I am pleased to report that after 19 months, I have at last reached the "FINIS" penned by Winston on the last page of the series. He's a rather dense writer, and then after I finished chemo last year, I took a 6-month hiatus from the series, but It's Done!

I've actually got more, but I'm being more wordy than I intended this morning...so perhaps I'll save the next round of items for a little foilhat action next week.


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