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Author: BobR    Date: 2014-08-06 10:41:10

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) is a peculiar affliction, affecting those who want to hate the man because... um... well - I'm not going to make any blanket statements, but they tend to believe every bad thing that gets floated on the internet. Some of them are just bad reporting, and some of them are downright call-the-men-in-the-white-coats nuts.

The ongoing Benghazi nonsense is like a horror movie monster that just doesn't die even beyond the point where you start to get irritated with the stupid plot devices. Every time a new committee is formed and goes through the same hashed over evidence, it becomes ever more clear that there is no Benghazi conspiracy, regardless of how badly they want one to be there.

The latest bit of raw meat for the Obama-haters to gnaw on is the crisis at the southern border, where thousands of children - refugees from several dangerous Central American countries - are awaiting placement either with relatives in the U.S., or back to their families in their originating countries. The paranoid and unsubstantiated stories of disease-carrying mini-mules (never mind that we have actual people with Ebola coming into the U.S. from Africa) are creating an embarrassing foaming-at-the-mouth reaction from people who seem to have forgotten that their ancestors were from foreign lands as well.

This has led to some of the most absurd conspiracy theories I've seen in a long time. First up is the ever-paranoid Alex Jones, who postulates that President Obama is welcoming these children fleeing from crime and violence so that he can enlist them into an army of child soldiers:
"That's like the African child slave soldiers," Jones said during his radio show on Tuesday, responding to his guest William Gheen's theory that the children at the border are willing tools of the despotic Obama because they crave "Obamaphones" and want to sign up for Obamacare.

"That’s how all those African countries are run, is off of poor kids," Jones continued. "[T]hey grab [poor kids] at 12 and give a machine gun. Obama talks about his national security force, just as big, just as strong as our military. It's so bold, but when you look at it, they really are doing that."

Michelle Bachmann, outgoing House Rep from Minnesota, has her own theory: President Obama wants to keep the migrant kids in the U.S. for performing medical experiments:
"Now President Obama is trying to bring all of those foreign nationals, those illegal aliens to the country and he has said that he will put them in the foster care system," Bachmann said. "That's more kids that you can see how - we can't imagine doing this, but if you have a hospital and they are going to get millions of dollars in government grants if they can conduct medical research on somebody, and a Ward of the state can't say 'no,' a little kid can't say 'no' if they're a Ward of the state; so here you could have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation and a kid can't even say 'no.' It's sick".

Yes, it's sick Ms. Bachmann - a sick creation of your diseased mind.

How paranoid can it get? How about President Obama purposely infecting Christians with ebola to destroy Jesus and start a new age of liberal darkness?
Barack Obama has used genetics to manufacture the most powerful virus in the history of mankind. The virus is an evolved form of EBOLA, a deadly virus that causes the body to bleed to death in a week.

According to sources, there is an antidote for the virus. The cure was tested at the CDC facility in Georgia this week, where an infected doctor has been nearly cured, against all odds.

Keep in mind, Obama-era evolution of Ebola has already killed thousands in Africa, and only moments ago, a person dropped dead in London from Obama-Ebola.

Okay - that last one is satire from a site that doesn't actually advertise itself as being satire (although the story about President Obama murdering George Bush's dog is kind of a giveaway). What's a bit sad (and a bit scary) is that it's not that different from the actual stories in terms of craziness. Don't be surprised if you see some right-wing lunatic post it as if it was an actual story.

Which gets to the crux of this whole thing. It used to be that the conspiracy freaks were heard on late night radio, and you knew who they were, and you'd take it all with a grain of salt. When this stuff comes from elected national politicians, and is spread all over the internet, then it gets that glossy veneer of authenticity.

It's okay to question the "official story". It's okay to wonder what's going on behind closed doors in our government. However, as citizens and as ostensibly sane individuals, we should use some common sense and a healthy dose of doubt when presented with stories and claims that push the envelope of probability well into the absurdity zone.

Love, hate, or don't care about the President, he's not whatever extreme picture is painted by someone who makes a living off of website clicks.

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