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There are few words
Author: Raine    Date: 09/11/2014 12:54:00

I wrote this 3 years ago. IT was not filled with anger or disillusionment. It was a heartfelt testament to the power of overcoming pain, finding friendship and love. And here we are, 13 years after that horrible day dealing with the blowback of horrible things done in reaction to that horrible day.

There is so much I can say, and so much that I have said.

I am angry and upset that we still have this mess buzzing around us like a swarm of locusts. This monstrosity overtaking Iraq and Syria -- this monstrosity was created from the lies we were told after the day the towers came down.

Some claim this is not ours to be concerned with, others claim we need to bomb more. I have deep concerns about this group.

It was the Bush Cheney war in Iraq that caused so many people to never trust the government when it came to matters of security both national and international. Bernie Sanders says it very well at his newsletter today:
nterviewed on MSNBC after the president’s speech, Sanders cited the Bush/Cheney war in Iraq as reason to be cautious about military ventures.

The Washington Post said Sanders is among seven senators who were in the House in 2002 and voted against the Iraq war. “We were ‘strong’ and ‘tough’ under Bush and Cheney. We made the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of the United States. We don’t want to do that again,”
He supports the actions the President laid out last night.

...and so it goes, the never-ending wartime.

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