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Falling America
Author: TriSec    Date: 09/20/2014 11:52:45

Good Morning.

I've got a few ideas swirling about today, so I think we'll be a little on the random side today.

We'll start in Washington. Dr. Maddow reported on this Thursday evening, and I'm a little surprised that it hasn't gotten more traction. Kongruss has essentially walked off the job.

They haven't done much work since about August, but they were supposed to be back for a couple of weeks before the election. The other night, they decided that even this was too much and cancelled the rest of the sessions until after the election.

Excuse me, what? I guess I'm too "Mr. Smith" about this..our Congresscritters are sent to Washington to do the people's business, not get re-elected. It's been this way for far too long, and has fueled a position change for your loyal TriSec. I used to oppose term limits, but over the last few years I've decided that maybe it's time.

In any case, now that the President doesn't have a legislative check or balance, he should take advantage of the situation and start issuing executive orders to change things. He can throw down the gauntlet - "If Congress doesn't like what I'm doing, then maybe they should come back to Washington and actually legislate. Until such time, then I'll do the People's Business, since Congress has decided to shirk its responsibilities."

The other thing that's on my mind this Saturday is that "Big Thing" that Bob wrote about on Thursday. Oh, we've actually had it already; you just had to watch the news to find out about it. Let's go back 24 hours in the news cycle to yesterday's news.

In addition to the Congressional capitulation, there was news on the war front; France decided to start dropping bombs with us. (Which will undoubtedly make some right-wing heads explode, but that's a blog for another day.) Domestically, there was some jobs news - stocks soared and set a new high the other day. Locally, there was some news too. We had a fatal fire overnight Thursday, and of course the people need to know about it.

But none of this mattered. All 3 local stations, plus NECN, had cameras set up in downtown Boston Friday morning, covering live the most important news of the day. Some idiot had been camped out in front of the Apple store since the previous Sunday so he could spend money on a piece of consumer electronics.

I'm afraid I do have to disagree with my esteemed colleague; I have increasingly thought that America's best days are indeed behind her, and it's not too much of a stretch to see the world starting to pass us by. For all the talk about passing things on to our children and grandchildren....I wonder what kind of America any such grandbabies of mine might have 75 years from now?

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