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Reports of our Demise are Premature
Author: BobR    Date: 2014-10-08 10:51:10

Is there a liberal bias in our media? Conspiracy theorists might think so. Why else would we be subjected to daily headlines like

It's almost as if the media is telling liberals: "HEY - you need to go vote in November!"

I say that because despite the prognostications of doom and gloom, there is plenty of evidence contrary to the assumption that the Democrats are going to lose big in November:

Republicans Just Gave Up on the Senate Race in Michigan:
This is the point in the 2014 midterm election when each party has to take a hard look at its spending priorities, and redirect its money to the the closest races. And it looks like the National Republican Senatorial Committee has chosen the candidate it'll cut loose first — Terri Lynn Land of Michigan. David Eggert of the Associated Press reports that the NRSC is canceling $1 million in late October ads that were to run on Land's behalf. This paves the way for the Democratic candidate, Rep. Gary Peters, to pick up an easy win in the open seat race.

Democrats Shock the Media By Pulling Ahead in Several Key Senate Races:
NEW KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS POLL SHOWS ALISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES LEADING MITCH MCCONNELL. The latest Kentucky Bluegrass poll shows Alison Lundergan Grimes leading Mitch McConnell 46-44
NEW YORK TIMES: COLORADO, IOWA, NORTH CAROLINA & MICHIGAN MOVING TOWARDS DEMOCRATS. The NY Times reports on the new NY Times/YouGov polls that offers new data to question the “the conventional wisdom that Republicans have recently made substantial gains in Colorado and Iowa…. The new data offers some encouraging news for Democrats in Colorado and Iowa

So those are all seats from MI, KY, NC, CO, and ID that were assumed to go to Republicans. The pendulum seems to be swinging the other way. On top of that, the gerrymandered districts that the Republicans were counting on to help them win are starting to unravel. In VA, the districts that were created to ensure a Republican majority for the state (that went for President Obama in 2012) have been tossed out by a federal court. Yes, it won't change before November, but - like abortion regulations being ruled unconstitutional - these unAmerican actions by Republicans are being tossed by the courts, and the electorate is getting a chance to look at these through the generally neutral eyes of the court and seeing them for what they are.

As a sense of the general trend in this country, the Supreme Court let stand lower court rulings that legalized gay marriage in numerous states, and voted against a teacher fired for promoting Creationism in the classroom. Obamacare is exceedingly popular among those who are now covered, and all the blather and obstruction from the Republicans and their sycophants are ringing more false and transparent every day.

Republicans are bad at governing for the people, and are bad at gauging the mood of the people and how their actions are received outside of their echo chambers. The results in November will likely surprise them (unhappily) in the same way the presidential election results in 2012 did.

It just means the Dems need to get out the vote - in overwhelming numbers - and stay with a positive message.

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