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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 11/14/2014 14:54:01

In which today's "fluffy" is a nice euphemism for fat. Most of you have met me in person, as you can tell I'm not a petite or even "normal" sized woman. for those of you that haven't - surprise! I have been a plus sized woman for all of my adult life and some of my teen years.

Anyway, this week it made the news that a woman launched a petition to get Old Navy to stop charging plus sized women exponentially more then any other shopper of Old Navy. Also they would like the product in the stores instead of just being website only.

Old Navy Blasted for Higher Cost of Plus Sized Jeans
The petition charges Old Navy with sexism, noting that a pair of women’s plus-size jeans can cost about $15 more than regular jeans, while a pair of men’s jeans costs the same no matter the size. Customers are also calling for Old Navy to put the larger apparel into stores, instead of just selling it online.

As a large woman I applaud her trying to tackle an issue that can make you a target for ridicule. Its not only sexism but also sizeism. Being fat still seems to be the last okay thing to be hateful about. Reading the story comments on Facebook where WTOP, local "news" station here, posted the story just makes me want to crawl in a hole and not come out till I've somehow made it down to a size 0.

Old Navy claims, as do a lot of other retailers, that making plus size women's clothing costs so much more because we need special materials and more of it. Now I will grant you that yes, making a larger garment does require more material but we're talking inches not yards. Looking at their website, at just a black or navy crew neck pocket tee for women, plus size women, men and big men, I'm calling shenanigans on that.

Women's Slub-Knit Crew Pocket Tees - Reg 10.94, sale 6.00 here
Men's Pocket Tees - Reg 9.94, sale 7.50 here
Big Men's Pocket Tees - Reg 9.94, sale 7.50 here
Women's Plus Pocket Tees - Reg 26.94, sale 12.97 here

Why is it nearly double the cost?! And why can't I buy it in a store? Why am I being forced to take extra steps to get things that are so simple? I have money, why don't you want it? Does it have the "fat" taint too it? It's still green and spendy, right?

Large size women have money to spend and designers have be slow to figure this out. Its been nice to have other store choices lately. I remember a time when the only place I could shop was Lane Bryant for the younger kids and Catherine's for the older ladies. Now there's also The Avenue, Torrid (I've just discovered them and love there fun clothes), Talbot's Woman (super expensive but that's Talbot's by nature), J.Jill is picking up the mantle of the now defunct Cold Water Creek, and a few other stores have tried to expand their selections. That's all great, and while they do charge more for their clothing I've never seen it where they were charging their customer almost double for a product.

I like Old Navy, the clothes are cute. Too bad they don't think I"m an equal consumer.


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