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Anti American Race Baiters
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 12/07/2014 15:41:58

Velveeta has had it with these protesters; they are cutting into the important Christmas season where we shop at big box stores to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
And yet there they are, throwing trash in the streets, chanting, and just putting on bad displays of anger all over our great country.

Why are they angry? I turned on Fox News to find out.

It seems in a place called Ferguson a white cop was trying to apprehend a thug who had just knocked-over (robbed, for those of you who don't watch Bill O'Reilly) a small convenience store. When he approached the thug, who we later learned was named Mike Brown, the officer politely asked him to stop and Mike Brown turned into a DEMON and flung his large body at the officer who had no recourse but to grab his gun! Poor officer Wilson was savagely beaten by Mike Browns baseball mitt sized hands; pummeling the officer one blow after another while he was inside his patrol car.

The protests in Ferguson led to people chanting "Hands up, Don't Shoot" because some people say that Mike Brown had his hands up. Later Fox news host Megyn Kelly asked, “Is that really what happened in Ferguson, and does anyone care?”

Indeed Megyn, why aren't more people asking that question? Does anyone care? Maybe Mike Browns family and these protesters - but certainly not any smart people at Fox News who use a 'y' in their name like any other blonde "aspiring-actress" type who switch 'y' for 'i' or vice versa. (See also 'Candi' or 'Sandi').

Even Fox news Martial Arts student and MMA fighting champion Sean Hannity picked up on that theme and really had me convinced.

They keep saying the same thing: ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ Are they aware of all the black eyewitnesses who corroborated Darren Wilson’s story? It seems like they’re not aware of the basic facts of the case.

Good point Sean!

The other new protest is happening over another black guy shot by white cops. No, not the 12 year-old boy Tamir Rice who had a toy gun, no not the Arizona man, Rumain Brisbon who was shot in front of his home, that other guy, Eric Garner in New York.

Eric had the unfortunate tenacity to be born black. Eric was killed while in a choke hold by police for the crime of selling loose cigarettes and therefore not paying the exorbitant taxes on them. I know what you're thinking. "Crime is so low in New York city that we can arrest low level tax frauds -but not the bigger ones on Wall Street?" Seems to be.

This death left Fox News in a bit of a flummox - after all, there is video of his death. Sort of a modern day snuff film that you can watch on YouTube without parental controls catching it.

But here comes our HERO, Sean Hannity once again. I should note that Sean used to be an overweight doughy sad-sack of a man until he became the fighting champion - and expert - that he is today. His lean body capped with a hard helmet of hair that looks like it should be on a 'Lego' figure and that is quickly going gray but makes him look wiser.
When Sean weighed in on this he was really onto something:

I would not use the term chokehold, as a martial artist student. While it may sound like a small detail, I want to know how much the jury heard about chokeholds versus headlocks, because a chokehold is illegal. A headlock is not illegal for the police to use.

YES! Sean, it's important to know that police might be using the legal move while listening to a man repeating "I can't breath" over and over.

Sean went on to blame another black man, Al Sharpton, for stirring up all this un-seemly protesting calling him "irresponsible" and "misleading". Good points Sean, and if only we could tie in Eric Garner to Benghazi.

I'm not saying that Fox News is racist. Never. They just report the news. Balanced. Fair. They do NOT play the race card; they'll tell you that all the time. And after all, if,
in another world, Eric Garner had been white and still killed by police for selling loose untaxed cigarettes the story would go like this:

Megyn Kelly: Are police out of control?

Bill O'Reilly: A man was attacked and killed by police for the minor crime of selling loosies.

Sean Hannity: Tea Party anti-tax hero Eric Garner is killed by big government and yet no one is protesting. How can you not be angry?

I'm going to hold my breath and wait for the Benghazi tie-in. It's right around the corner.

Meanwhile, these protesters keep stalling traffic and I cannot get to the mall.

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