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'Tis the season for Musing
Author: TriSec    Date: 12/20/2014 13:31:47

Good Morning....or Happy **insert specifics here**

It's been an interesting season so far. Going back to Halloween, we started with an overly quiet and somewhat surreal trick-or-treating around my neighborhood. With 600 doors to knock on, we're usually swarmed, but this year I even had candy left over. Fast-forward to Thanksgiving, and I ended up with a house full of people.

In 2012 when I was still getting chemo, we decided that we weren't going anywhere for Thanksgiving. But I cooked everything anyway - I decided not to ruin Thanksgiving for anyone else, and I thought I could probably eat most of the stuff. In any case, I rather liked having that at my own house, so last year and this, we stayed home. Only this year my mother-in-law heard about it and 'invited herself', then demanding a turkey...which I wasn't going to make this year. *grunts*

So now we have Christmas a few days in the offing. With all the histrionics going on through the local and national media, I was thinking out loud the other day. The Massachusetts State House is hosting a rather large Menorah on the front lawn this week of Hanukkah, and every evening there is a lighting ceremony with all the associated pomp and prayer. The President himself has hosted Iftar meals at the White House to break the daily fast during Ramadan...so tell me again why having a Christmas Tree is such a big deal?

Speaking of Christmas trees, this past week was our annual holiday party at the ol' Cub Scout Pack. I say "holiday", but it was actually a Hanukkah party. That's right - I have no idea how it came to be, but somehow I managed to become Cubmaster of the Jewish troop in town. (No lie - better than 50% of the membership). But we also have an Indian family, and one of the parents is an ordained Lutheran minister. It's quite a melting pot.

And then there was music - I brought my horn along, and another of the parents is the equivalent of a Cantor at his temple. (The guy that leads all the singing - Will, is it called the same?) So we quickly figured out how to accompany each other. Alas, I didn't know any of the Hannukah tunes, so we stuck mostly to secular music. (with a nod to "Silent Night" for our Lutheran family.)

So...we'll leave today with a couple of tunes to put us in the mood. Songs you'll only hear at Four Freedoms, I might add.

And of course...one can never get enough of this video.

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