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Another year. Another decade. And so it goes.
Author: Raine    Date: 2015-01-01 05:00:00

I suspect that some of us in this wonderful little group have had worse years than 2014 on a personal level. I suspect that some have had a terrible year at some point. I don't prescribe to be being a microcosm of the nation here on 4F, but hell if we all haven't lived through some serious trials and tribulations. We have as a group have seen serious ups and downs.

When I say trials and tribulations, I'm not talking about just this year. I'm talking about the past ten years. Sure this isn't the first place we all met - it won't be the last place we say goodbye - but I have known each and everyone of you for ten years. I remember at one point almost every one of us were out of work.

We have been witness to death, cancer, stroke, separation (& reconnection), poverty, and dementia -- just to name a few topics off the top of my head. We have watched children grow up before us (looking at you Javi and Ian and Lindsey). Many of us have said goodbye to our fur babies. Many of us have faced the possibility of death or had to actually say goodbye to our loved ones. Suicide sucks, attempted or otherwise -- it sucks.

We have been witness to great changes. We've celebrated new jobs and lost other jobs. I think I can say we have shared a marriage amongst ourselves… When BobR and I eloped, you guys were among the very first we wanted to share the news with.

Really, we have shared all of it like a family. You are a part of my family. It might not be by blood, but for ten years, you all have been a rock to me. I know almost every morning I can wake up and see you here, on this internet. I can share with you my life and you have shared with me (and by extension, us) your lives.

That is amazing. Every single one of you have made my life a better place. 10 years ago, it seemed like I was very alone with my my feelings about the political landscape in this country. I learned that year that i was not alone. I met many of you. Many of you are still here! Today, I thank you for being a part of my personal new decade. My life opened up in so many ways ten years ago in the year 2005.

Some friends have come along for the ride and some have taken their own path. Having said that:

Every single one of you have brought me joy. Every single one of you brought me to tears. Every single one of you have helped me to become a better person and have given me a wonderful tether to this life. Every. One.

Many years ago, people said this thing called the internet would separate people; I say no. I say that we have all found a way, a very strange twisted way, to forge our own friendships.

We have a very special bond, and after ten years, I an very happy to join with you in welcoming the year 2015. It will be an interesting one, I have no doubt. I know that sharing it with everyone of you who I love dearly will make it even better.

Happy New Year!

Above all, friendship.



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