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Newest Trend in 2015
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/04/2015 15:17:52

STAND ON YOUR PET!! It's the newest thing. Everybody's doing it -- why aren't you?

Here's a testimonial from Sandy in Mushmush, KY:

I started standin' on my hound dog pup "William Von Stutterton" back in 2 aught 4 and people told me I was nuts. But he's still alive an doing well. He has one of them sets a wheels attached to his back hind legs 'cause a his spine an hips bother him, but that's just 'cause he old

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS - what stated off as a humorous internet trend during the Bush years -- "putting objects on your cat" has NOW TAKEN OFF AS THIS YEARS MUST DO.

Put an actual pancake on your bunny, then, STAND ON HIM/HER!!

Even celebs like Sarah Palin are doing it with their kids. It's wonderful time spent with family!


More celebs seen in public relaxing with their STAND-ONS™


Now U 2 can stand on your pets!! Dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, turtle, frog, hamster the list is endless! Teach little Susie that she can stand on her Guinea Pig until the cows come home. THEN, she can STAND ON THE COWS!!

Fun for parties. Use apps to promote your STAND-ON'S: Snapchat, Instagram, etc. EVERYONE is doing it! It's 2012's version of making homemade porn and letting it leak online "accidentally".

Don't be left behind in this newest trend!

Also, if you get criticized by some out-of-the-loop nut job, just remind them that "EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, so why shouldn't I?" It's the best argument ever and has been proven to work for centuries. Then, remind them how lucky their pets are that we don't eat them!! Blame PETA. Blame other celebs. Blame fashion. Blame food industry. Don't let them harass you for being American.

HURRY! Don't get left behind! POST your selfie's of standing on your pet NOW!!

*4Freedoms not responsible for injuries to pets or people*

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