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This is to Forego a Conclusion
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 02/01/2015 15:29:26

Did ya'll hear that Sarah spoke at the Iowa White People Convention 2015? I tried to find a transcript of the speech, but seems no one can translate it!

I consider this a personal challenge, and will attempt to do so. But here's some highlights:

Things must change for our government. Look at it. It isn’t too big to fail. It’s too big to succeed! It's too big to succeed, so we can afford no retreads or nothing will change with the same people and same policies that got us into the status quo. Another Latin word, status quo, and it stands for, ‘Man, the middle-class everyday Americans are really gettin’ taken for a ride.’ That's status quo, and GOP leaders, by the way, y'know the man can only ride ya when your back is bent. So strengthen it. Then the man can't ride ya, America won't be taken for a ride, because so much is at stake and we can't afford politicians playing games like nothing more is at stake than, oh, maybe just the next standing of theirs in the next election.

Translation: (I think) is that men must stand erect. If you lean over some other man might come take you from behind. WARNING! The GOP is big on rape allegories, so that's what I figured she meant. I have no clue about the last line.

So, the last couple days, my daughter Bristol and I have been at a great big gun show in Las Vegas, and there at the gun show at the SHOT Show, getting to link up with Taya, with Chris Kyle’s wife. And Taya throwing a big party there honoring vets, honoring those who have supported her cause, now that Chris is gone, and Tara [sic] carrying on her husband’s legacy. Weeellll, at this party — man it always seems like we’re always kinda’ going rogue or something, something always happens — we’re, we’re at the party and I’m with Taya, we’re signing books, and in the back this young, very energetic, very bold young vet, he holds up a sign and it was, uh, bold four-letter message to Michael Moore. [Unintelligible] right now.And I’m like oh man look, me I call him up front, you know, and he’s holdin’ the poster and I’m lookin’ at it. He’s showin’ it to me. ‘Course, pictures started snappin’, you know, ’cause I’m givin’ the poster the old thumbs up. And it was a thumb, you know. It wasn’t any other fingers. My thumb. That poster, though, you’ve heard the term “swear like a sailor,” even though I think this guy was a soldier, and, you know, same thing, well. Anyway, someone snappin’ that photo — we’ve taken a lot of heat over the last two days for being seen with this photo, with a four-letter message to Michael Moore that he deserves. Well, I was thinking, okay, we’ll take that heat. That’s okay because what the poster said is what the rest of us are thinking. It just said it.

Dear Soldiers, Sarah Palin thinks you're the same thing as a Sailor. Dear Sailor, see above. Sincerely, someone who knows they're not the same.

This is possibly my favorite moment:

Really, it's kind of Orwellian, observing how that works, that rule of Saul Alinsky's, no doubt, that the left employs. Disgusting charges, from the left. Reverse them -- for it is they who point a finger not realizing that they have triple that amount of fingers pointing right back at them, revealing that they are the ones who really discriminate and divide on color and class and sex. We call them out. We don’t let them get away with it.

Did she just say "Orwellian"?

Oh, I don't know. There's just so many great nuggets of intelligence!

What we do, we strengthen our military, we respect our troops, and we let them, our troops, our gatekeepers, we let them tell jihadists, nuh-uh this is our house, get the hell out!

Yes! Let's let our highly trained military fighting force sound like 7 year olds on a school playground. "Nuh-uh, you give that back or I'm going to throw this ball at your face".

If you were to die, and come back to life as an English noun in a Sarah Palin prepared speech, you would spend your entire short life chasing after verbs trying to connect; all while dodging conjunctions that flail around you. Good luck.

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