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Sharia Law - Part 2
Author: BobR    Date: 2015-04-08 10:30:37

I've written before about how the Republicans rant about the Mooslims enacting Sharia Law here in the United States, and yes - it's still absurd. What makes it all so aggravating is that they are still trying to enact Christian-based laws with nary a clue to their hypocrisy.

This is even more stupid when they claim to be the party that supports the Constitution. They've even demonized John McCain for abandoning their supposedly Constitutionally-based philosophy (and coming from Ken Cuccinelli of all people). Here's a rundown of some of their unconstitutional attempts to ram their Christian values down our throats:

Florida Teacher fired for being a lesbian: "A taxpayer-funded Christian school in Florida recently cited its “awesome God” as the reason it fired a teacher for her so-called “lifestyle choice” to be a lesbian... “And then she was like, ‘Is it true what the rumors are about you and Kelly?’ and I said 'Yes,” Pfeiffer recalled. “I said, 'Could I be fired for that?' and she said 'Yes.' Basically she said that what I'm doing is not socially acceptable and I'm living a life of sin." Yes that's right - a taxpayer-funded Christian school.

Kansas becomes 1st state to ban 2nd trimester abortion procedure: "Kansas became the first state to ban a common second trimester abortion procedure when Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican, on Tuesday signed into a law an act to halt what lawmakers said are 'dismemberment abortions.' The law that goes into effect on July 1 prohibits the use of dilation and evacuation (commonly called 'D & Cs'). The bill says the procedure can result in the fetus being extracted in pieces. Supporters in Kansas have called the procedure horrifying while women's healthcare groups have said it is considered the safest way to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester."

Former Dept of Justice official says discrimination against atheists should be legal: "'There’s a lot of reasons why Christians or Jews might not want to hire an atheist,' he continued. 'In fact, it’s in the New Testament. It says things like avoid them and disassociate with them. You might have a job, for example, where you want someone who believes in a higher power. For example,' Adams said, 'maybe you’re an airline and hiring pilots who you prefer they maybe believe in Hell. To tell people that you can’t only hire people of faith intrudes on their free exercise of faith.'"

Abortion opponents targeting medical schools which teach abortion procedures: "One of the most well-respected OB-GYN programs in the country could be forced to stop teaching its students how to perform abortions, if the North Carolina legislature ends up approving a piece of legislation that was introduced this month. Tucked deep in HB 465, an anti-abortion bill that would restrict the procedure in several different ways, is an obscure provision that stipulates that 'no department at the medical school at East Carolina University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shall permit an employee to perform or supervise the performance of an abortion as part of the employee’s official duties.' According to the GOP lawmakers who proposed the bill, this particular section of HB 465 will help ensure that taxpayer dollars don’t go toward abortion services. Because East Carolina University (ECU) and the University of North Carolina (UNC) are state schools, abortion opponents don’t want any of their instruction time to be spent on the procedure. But this complicated effort to separate taxpayer money from abortion services could have huge implications for the medical field."

Oklahoma school teacher distributes Bibles in class: "The Christian News reported that the teacher, Erica Mackey, offered the Bibles to her class at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School last week. Most of her students took her up on the offer. Miller said her group was alerted to Mackey’s actions by the parents of one child who was pressured into taking one of the Bibles."

And finally -

Convicted felon Tom DeLay says he has a 'right' to not serve gay sinners because they 'undermine' his religious liberty: "'This is the result of the gay agenda,' DeLay told Newsmax host Steve Malzberg on Monday. 'We’re now seeing what the gay agenda is all about. Our religious liberty, as you know, Steve, is the bedrock of our country. As it’s described in the Declaration of Independence, that we get our rights from our creator, somebody bigger than us. And from that, we get truth, with the values by which we live. And from that, we’re good people that can govern through the Constitution. Religious liberty is the foundation of this country, and what they’re trying to do is undermine religious liberty so that they become an accepted sexual orientation,' the former House Speaker continued. 'And we have got to fight this battle to the bitter end because when you let the government dictate to you what you believe and what your values are, this county is finished.'"

Let that last one sink in. This is how they think. This is the crux of their mindset, and why they will never realize that the way they try to enforce their religious beliefs via legislation is no different than Sharia Law.

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