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Presenting: Miss Lindsey Graham!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/14/2015 14:09:17

They say, whoever 'they' are, that people often hide a dark secret behind big talk or a big car. Men who drive a Hummer or an expensive sports car have uh, well let's just say they're not going to pull a wardrobe malfunction like LeBron James did recently. And men who continually speak of macho-ness while not being married, aren't really that macho. (wink, wink).

And so I present to you, Lindsey Graham, confirmed bachelor and macho talker to the extreme! Lindsey loves war. I mean LOVES it! He wants to send strapping young men off to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia, France, Germany and Delaware just to name a few. And Graham knows a lot about war, let's not forget he is a gulf war veteran. Well, at least he has called himself that, and he wouldn't lie, would he?

ASSOCIATED PRESS (2/19/98): U.S. Rep. Lindsey Graham’s military service record has been called into question because the Republican congressman, who never went overseas, calls himself as a Gulf War veteran.

Graham’s Internet web site biography lists him as an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran, although he never got closer to the war than McEntire Air National Guard Base near Columbia [South Carolina] where he was a military lawyer.

Whoops. Well okay that's just one little fib. But he's a macho very straight guy. Really. One thing he most definitely will not lie about is his fervent hatred of women. He recently introduced a new bill in the Senate called "The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” A version of the bill was passed in the House already and, along the same lines, Graham’s version would ban all abortions with few exceptions after the 20th week of pregnancy because those babies feel pain after 20 weeks according to "some people" who are not doctors. Yes, nothing says "I'm macho as hell" as taking away the rights of women who have no thoughts of abortion by 20 weeks unless it's to save their life, while at the same time sending their sons off to war after war after war. Hey what's more "not gay" than that?

Add in a bit of "climate change is bogus because I'm so hardcore Christian" and we certainly have a winner. He is not gay! According to him. In fact he's so not gay he believes that gayness is akin to polygamy. He asked Loretta Lynch during her confirmation hearing why polygamy wouldn’t also become a constitutional right if the Supreme Court decided that gay marriage was protected by the Constitution. Seriously. Of course, one who was a cynic could argue that he fantasizes about having polygamous relations with many, many men packing big guns, dressed in military fatigues armed with various enhanced interrogation devices. But certainly not me.

During the Lorretta Lynch hearings he asked,
if the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional — that it violates the Constitution to try to limit marriage between a man and a woman, that’s clearly the law of the land unless there’s a constitutional amendment to change it — what legal rationale would be in play that would prohibit polygamy?

Yes, clearly this is NOT a man who thinks of other men. Lots of other men.

But let's not lose the fact that if elected, Sen. Graham would be a bachelor, and that would mean no FLOTUS since the non-gay Buchanan presidency of 1856. But he has another brilliant idea to prevent that. No, he's not going to marry some luck lady, instead he would have a rotating first lady that would include some of his friends and even his sister! Wow! Stand back Duggar family, you've been out-duggared!

Thinking it over, the Republican senator told Daily Mail Online: 'Well, I've got a sister, she could play that role if necessary.'
Chuckling, he added: 'I've got a lot of friends. We'll have a rotating first lady.'

Damn pimp. Well, I must say at least this would be the most amusing Presidency. This sounds like a perfect show for TLC network, POTUS: Sister Wives Family Values at War. Next weeks show - the POTUS sneaks out to inspect the troops.

Hey, I'd watch that train wreck until the sun breaks through the ozone and burns me alive.

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