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Chuck Koch
Author: Raine    Date: 10/12/2015 13:17:50

Did you know that Charles Koch, half of the Koch brothers considers himself a liberal?
Koch says it was during President George W. Bush’s administration that the brothers decided to get more politically active.

“I’m sure he meant well,” Koch said of Bush. “(But) then he grew government more than just about any president before him, and he got us into counterproductive wars. So that’s when I decided we needed to get into politics.”

Koch also says he does not consider himself a Republican.

“Not at all,” he said. “I consider myself a classical liberal. The way I look at it is the Democrats are taking us at about 100 miles an hour over the financial cliff and towards this two-tiered society. And the Republicans are taking us there at 70 miles an hour.”
His brother David ran as the Vice President for the Libertarian party in 1980, so I think maybe he just forgot that little detail. They have been a part of politics for a long long time and now — only now — they seem to want to have an image makeover. The softer nicer sweeter Koch brothers.

Oh and the CATO institute has been around since 1977 -- that was co founded by Charles.

Watch the interview in all of it's Orwellian glory here.

People wonder why no one wants to be Speaker of the House. These two brothers are a big reason why. This is a glimpse into the heart of the evil beast.

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